Consumption of vitamin C for the prevention of stroke

Prevention of stroke

Prevention of stroke with consumption of vitamin C. Everyone needs vitamin C to the body. Intake of vitamin C is vital for the body. Aside from being antioxidants, high levels of vitamin C were apparently known to prevent stroke. This is revealed in the results of research in the UK.

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The scientists confirmed that the results of these studies to be strong evidence that eating vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C in large quantities and consistent, useful to protect yourself from stroke.

However, remember that the body needs for vitamin C is not satisfied just from supplements alone. Supplements would be allowed, provided with a limited number of aliases does not drape your daily requirement of vitamin C supplements alone. Because vitamin C from supplements so probably not purely due to the many mixtures of other substances so that the content of vitamin C was only slight.

In contrast, levels of vitamin C are plentiful in fruits and vegetables naturally much higher benefits as an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals.

Free radicals are potentially damaging cellular DNA that can lead to premature aging and the onset of various chronic diseases. Allegedly antioxidants can protect us from the fat in the veins, which in turn can lead to stroke (cerebral Infarction).

Indeed, it was unclear how the mechanism of vitamin C in preventing stroke. To be sure, vitamin C it can keep us from the risk of stroke is dangerous. Moreover, if the consumption of vitamin C followed by a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the usefulness may be more pronounced.

Fruits can satisfy the need for vitamin C naturally. However, fruit had higher levels of vitamin C content of different. Some local fruit that contains vitamin C, which is very effective in preventing the onset of stroke. We recommend that you regularly consume the adequacy of vitamin C in your body can be fulfilled to the maximum.

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