Gastritis Treatment, gastritis symptoms, home remedies gastritis, foods to avoid Gastritis

Home Treatment for Gastritis

Get to know home remedies to overcome gastritis. When you experience appetite los, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, bloating or even a abdominal pain when eating, you may have the gastritis symptoms. Gastritis is a condition when your stomach is inflamed because of the irritation in gastrointestinal area. Gastritis sometimes is painless and caused by pain killers consumption or stress.

Other experienced medical problems can also be potential of having the gastritis. The part which is attacked when having gastritis is the mucosa. The symptom has been mentioned before and it sometimes will have no pain to feel which means sometimes someone will not realize if having gastritis.

Gastritis Treatment, gastritis symptoms, home remedies gastritis, foods to avoid Gastritis

Since gastritis is caused by unhealthy substances which are routinely consumed such as pain killers, the treatment at home for gastritis should be started from the foods and drinks you consumed daily. Detoxification inside the body can be done as the first step, by eliminating the dairy products from the diet program.

It will help repairing the digestive system. Besides that, leaving the alcohol and trying to drink at least eight glasses a day will help the detoxification process. Gastritis can also caused by the lack of vitamin E, so that to reduce the inflammation, you have to get enough vitamin E.

By considering the neutral health condition which means your body has no risk to other disease and problem in consuming certain ingredients, you should have several types of fruit and vegetable in daily menu. Artichoke has function to relieve the pain in abdominal area, bloating and vomiting.

For reducing the inflammation, you need ginger and goldenseal. Ginger also has function in healing the stomach and good for indigestion. Other things which are good for the indigestion, nausea and inflammation, you can choose marshmallow, peppermint, papaya and pineapple. By consuming these fruit and vegetable for daily menu, it will help in healing and repairing the digestive system.

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