How to clean your nails with lemon

Monday, September 1st 2014. | Lifestyle

How to Clean Your Nail With Lemon?

Do you have problems with your nails? In addition to cleaning the nails with baking soda, lemon can also be used. Nails that are less clean and bright will not interfere with performance. The use of a wide variety of nail polish colors can cause discoloration. Steps to paint your nails are very easy to do, but you can find it difficult to clean up nail polish.

Moreover, several kinds of nail polish contain chemicals that are difficult to clean. Even nail polish can cause nails to be damaged and cracked. Nail care is not easy to do. But if you intend to clear the way cheap, friendly and naturally, the main ingredient of lemon is very good.

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The Content Of Natural Lemon For Beauty Nail

Lemon has a lot of acidic water that contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C has an important role to restore moisture and natural nail color. In addition, other content found in protein and potassium lemon is excellent to restore the nails. Water in lemon contains many antibacterial that can kill all the germs under fingernails or the border area between the nail and finger.

How to Make Scrub of Lemon and Salt

To clean nails with lemon can be done with very simple steps. The first step is to place a few spoonfuls of salt in a bowl. Pour the lemon juice squeezed directly. If some parts of the lemon into the salt then leave it alone. Stir the lemon and salt until the mixture becomes a scrub. After that, clean the nail on each finger to wear scrubs. Rub evenly to clean the nail surface. Once done, you can clean the nails with warm water. Give a moisturizer to restore moisture to the nails and the skin around the nail.

Ways to Strengthen Your Nails with Lemon

Strong nails do not just clean and beautiful, but also look beautiful, healthy and not broken. If you get a nail condition is not good then discontinues all use nail polish or other materials that contain chemicals. Make a mixture of lemon juice with warm water. After that you can soak the nails between 5 to 15 minutes. This method is a bit similar to the usual spa nails done at the salon. Do this for up to four weeks and nails will become stronger.

Practical Way to Clean Nails With Lemon

Are your nails looking dirty and unpleasant? Some people can get dirty nails because of work environment. On a scale is still lighter then the nail can be cleaned easily. The first step is split into two lemons. Squeeze lemon water out but not completely out of all. Insert finger nail into the lemon juice until moist.

Use lemon that has been squeezed to rub the nails. You can enter all parts of the nail down to the orange. Rub gently until the nails look clear and bright. This method is very easy to do, but it only works for mild dirt level. The result is less effective for nails that are too dirty. Read also how to whiten nails with baking soda.