How to distinguish between a heart attack with chest pain

How to distinguish between a heart attack with chest pain. A heart attack claimed the life of a person can suddenly, unexpectedly. People who seem healthy because they never complained of any symptoms of the disease can be sudden death from heart attack. We should be alert to seizures caused by a heart attack. Basically, heart disease also have signs that can be recognized and analyzed by the layman as long as it was earlier informed about this disease.

And the important thing to know is that heart disease is not always synonymous with chest pain. People who complain of chest pain is not necessarily suffering from heart disease, because it could be the person is suffering from other diseases such as asthma, pneumothorax, and others. How to distinguish the chest pain experienced as caused by heart disease or other disorders. People need to distinguish when a serious chest pain caused by heart attack or other diseases.

Symptoms of heart attack, Chest pain is not a heart attack, reduce the risk of heart attack

If the chest pain suffered strong indication of that lead to heart disease then swift action to address them must be done before the damage to the heart muscle which can ultimately lead to sudden death.

But, the critical thing is often overlooked by many people. For symptoms of a heart attack, is not really the right word but the sensation of chest pain in the chest that felt so bad that severe chest tightness.

Symptoms of heart attack

  • Chest tightness and weight making it very difficult to breathe;Experiencing shortness of breath heavily like a tied by a rope strong and toned.
  • Sweating, stomach feels queasy and feeling anxious;These conditions arise necessarily coincide with shortness of breath to difficulty breathing.
  • Pain radiating; Neck pain, followed by pain in the left arm and jaw, on the back of the abdomen, and also occur on one shoulder.
  • Heartbeats pounding or faster than normal;At the same time, the agency also suddenly felt very weak. And noteworthy is dangerous symptoms above can happen even when you are resting in the sense of not doing the activity. However, the symptoms can also arise after exercise, after spending a great meal menu, or when under stress.

Chest pain is not a heart attack

  • Arise chest pain while coughing; When you feel pain in the chest while coughing then do not worry because it is not included symptoms of a heart attack, although it remains to be treated. The reason is the presence of upper respiratory tract infection by viruses.
  • Pain in ribs;Usually pain in the ribs caused by the onset of diseases such as herpes zoster.
  • Pain in muscle or sternum;It is considered reasonable and it often occurs in people who increase their physical activity.
  • The ribs were broken;Chest pain experienced by a person can also occur due to a broken rib by various causes such as falls, fights, and more.
  • Pneumothorax; That is a problem with the lungs that causes pain in the chest, resulting in shortness of breath.
  • The presence of blood clots in the lungs; condition also called emboli will cause chest pain conditions. Need treatment from a doctor to relieve the pain.
  • Diseases of the spine; You’ve heard pinched spinal nerve disease. This can cause pain in the chest that is also very disturbing.

Some symptoms to distinguish which includes symptoms of a heart attack or chest pain normal. The symptoms above should be carefully considered to reduce the risk of heart attack.

If the wrong diagnosis then the consequences will be fatal. Another thing that also should be aware that symptoms of a chest pain of heart attack in a very short time to be detected and it certainly requires a level of responsibility and high sensitivity.

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