How to overcome and treat oily skin

Treat oily skin

How to overcome and treat oily skin. Got oily skin definitely makes you a little less confident performing in front of people, especially in front of your loved ones because you will be labeled less care for your skin and people who lack clean. Oily skin itself can be caused by two factors. External factors such as hot weather, and internal factors such as heredity or because of hormonal.

Oily skin becomes trouble for the people, in particular for women because they have to apply makeup on the skin. If you are one who have oily skin. You should read the post this time as we will discuss how to overcome the oily skin naturally. Natural and other remedies available to overcome this problem.

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Effective home remedies for oily skin

  1. Avocado mask; Avocados are also very well known as one of the natural ingredients to treat oily skin because it contains vitamin E for good skin health. Puree the avocado, and paste it on your face as a mask for 1 hour. Then wash your face with cold water to properties more effectively.
  2. Aloe vera mask; Not only good for your hair, aloe vera is also good for your oily skin. Take one leaf aloe vera then separate the flesh, puree and ready to be used as a mask.
  3. Egg white mask; It’s the easiest you do and you get. The trick, separate the egg whites with egg yolk. Then apply egg white all over your face, let it dry out.

How to care and prevention for oily skin

After learning how to cope with oily skin, it’s time you know how to care and prevention for oily skin that keep your skin healthy and free of oil. You can treat the skin by washing your face with warm water, this helps your skin to remove impurities caused by oily skin. As we know, oily skin is causing blackheads and acne.

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