Most sweet food can interfere with concentration in children

Concentration in children

Most sweet foods can interfere with concentration in children. Most sweet foods can interfere with the child’s ability to concentrate. The pattern of provision of food intake in children greatly affect the health and development. And intake of certain nutrients can cause effects to balance a child’s brain. The trend love to eat sweet foods such as chocolate, sweets, biscuits and other snacks that are considered normal by the parents turned out to can be bad for children’s health.

This happens because sugar intake of a balanced diet alone is enough, when coupled with a sweet foods, then the child may have excess sugar intake. Excessive sugar intake can impair the ability to concentrate and child health.

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Excessive sugar intake can lead to many health problems, including obesity, diabetes, caries of the teeth. Plus, a study shows excessive sugar intake can cause concentration problems in children. When the consumption of excess sugar, the body will neutralize it by increasing the production of insulin. While insulin is too much will make the child tired so hard to concentrate.

In addition to distraction, excessive sugar intake also resulted in changes in behavior and emotional state. At pre-school age children, excess sugar can reduce the quality of learning, the child becomes too active and more aggressive.

The most optimal sugar content is 55% of the total intake required by the body. Not too low as it can cause the child lethargic, but also not too high because it can interfere with the neurochemical (chemical compounds in the nerve) that causes the body to tire easily. What matters is the balance of carbohydrate intake.

In addition, the consumption of protein than carbohydrates, especially before the child doing complex work that requires concentration and alertness. Protein will keep production constant energy so that the body does not easily tired, in contrast to the high levels of sugar which initially makes us aggressive, but quickly tired then, so it affects the ability to concentrate and even intelligence.

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