Overcome difficult to sleep or insomnia by a massage

Overcome difficult to sleep or insomnia by a massage – dmatxi.com. Insomnia can be defined as a situation where someone is having trouble sleeping or can not sleep well. Difficulty falling asleep or better known as insomnia is experienced by most reasonable people due to disturbances in brain function. Stress, anxiety by the circumstances in which he lived and worked, could be a trigger insomnia.

Those who have insomnia can spend time for hours without being able to sleep all night. It’s so painful and interfere with the performance of the patient’s body. As a result, the patient’s body will feel very weak, pale, and less vibrant.

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Feeling restless because they could not sleep even though it was already midnight. Despite trying to close eyes, brain continue to think, so can not sleep. As a result, the body was limp in the morning and head feels dizzy and easily fatigue because of the condition of the body is still lack of rest. This is the symptom of insomnia.

Insomnia can strike all age groups. Nevertheless, the incidence of insomnia will continue to increase with get older. This may be caused by the stress that often affects older people. Apart from the problems of stress, insomnia may also occur because of a problem on your food. Another thing that can cause insomnia is room atmosphere that does not support, anxiety, until the excessive consumption of caffeine.

How to overcome insomnia

To overcome the problem of insomnia can you do with a massage. Many people who do not know that massage can help improve sleep quality. Babies who are massaged gently can be quiet and asleep. Pregnant women who have trouble sleeping, especially in the third trimester, can feel good after a massage. Tension and pain in the back and joints can be reduced by massage. If you have trouble sleeping because of stress and tension, massage may be the solution.

Massage helps reduce stress, improve blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, releasing the burden of thought and even lower high blood pressure. If you often have trouble sleeping, try to massage of nightly.

Our skin has millions of nerve receptors that are linked in our nervous system. Massage the skin to create stimulation and release of chemicals in our brain such as serotonin which reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Massage also increases the production endorfin, hormones that reduce pain and soothe. This will make you more calm and easy to sleep.

Massage trust not be done by a professional in order to provide benefits. You can ask a friend, spouse or family to do so. You can also massage their own with or without assistive devices. Full body massage is recommended, but if only in the head and shoulders was probably enough for relaxation. This is overcome insomnia by a massage.

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