Set lifestyle in order to keep your stomach healthy

Stomach healthy

Set lifestyle in order to keep your stomach healthy. Although it sounded trivial, cure gastro esophageal reflex disesase aka GERD can not be underestimated. Therefore, sores in the stomach that radiates up into the esophagus can interfere with daily activities on the sufferer.

GERD sufferers generally feel the discomfort. Like, chest feels hot, difficult swallowing, chronic cough, and difficulty sleeping. Moreover, to cure this disease takes a long time, which is about three to four weeks.

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Treatment for GERD sufferers actually not much different from the treatment for heartburn sufferers. You see, the source of the disease is also derived from the stomach. Given medication to reduce excessive stomach acid production.

However, treatment is not the only way in spite of GERD. Moreover, despite already being treated with medical drugs, the disease may recur if the patient does not maintain a healthy stomach.

The best way to prevent GERD is stomach health. Well, healthy or not on the digestive organs work not only influenced food or drink into the body, but is also determined by a person’s lifestyle.

One of them, people with GERD should be disciplined sort of intake. Sufferers should avoid eating foods that stimulate excessive production of stomach acid.

Food sour and spicy flavor is taboo for those who want to maintain a healthy stomach. So are people with GERD, should reduce the food with raw coconut milk, fried foods, and pineapple.

Reduce the consumption of soda drinks that contain a lot of gas. Gas from the soda will make your stomach bloated and sore. Beverages containing caffeine such as coffee, tea, and chocolate can also stimulate the production of stomach acid.

In contrast, soft and warm foods can help the stomach to work properly. Set lifestyle is also important to maintain healthy stomach. GERD sufferers can also do activities that prevent esophageal exposure to gastric acid. For example, elevating the head while sleeping and maintaining a healthy weight.

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