Symptoms of the disease that causes left side abdominal pain

Symptoms of the disease that causes left side abdominal pain. In this article will discuss the symptoms of the disease that causes left side abdominal pain. Lower left side abdomen often painful, it feels like a tingling. Abdominal pain is pain in the left side of the abdomen to the left of the center down. The left side is where the pain is common in women and the elderly. For the cause, lower left abdominal pain is often caused by diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the left kidney stones, urinary tract infections left, ulcerative colitis, left ectopic pregnancy, left ovarian disease, and infection of the left fallopian tube.

To remember what they eat and drink or a medicine to treat certain diseases. Do not take drugs or abdominal pain pills or to compress the pain using a washcloth and warm water. You could be relieved if the pain disappeared after 2 to 3 minutes. When the pain came back, compress again up to three times. If abdominal pain did not go away, then you should immediately see a doctor for fear of pain that comes from the colon, the appendix is in the lower right abdomen etc..

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Causes of lower left abdominal pain is different, there are lower left abdominal pain in men and lower left abdominal pain in women. As with other body parts, so that we are more knowledgeable about left side abdominal pain, it helps us to know first of organs and body parts what is in the left abdomen, among others:

  • The lower end of the left kidney
  • Left ureters (the tubes between the kidneys to the bladder)
  • Part of the descending colon
  • Sigmoid colon
  • Part of the bladder
  • Left ovary in women
  • Large veins (part of the aorta and its branches) and the nerves in the lower left abdomen
  • The muscles and the skin covering the lower left abdominal wall

Thus, any disease of the organs or body parts in the left abdomen, it can cause pain in the left abdomen. There are two kinds of pain in medical terms. First of visceral pain, which is pure pain stimuli originating from the abdominal organs are innervated by autonomic nerves, the nerves that are not under conscious control, so we feel the pain but it was not able to show the exact point of pain. While the second is a somatic pain, the pain that comes from the abdominal wall, can be felt and known the exact location of the pain. By knowing this type of pain, it can be suspected diseased organ part.

The cause is often left abdominal pain in women

  • Ectopic pregnancy; During pregnancy many women experience mild pain in the lower abdomen due to enlargement of the uterus. If the pain is persistent and heavy, should immediately consult a doctor, because most are caused by an ectopic pregnancy, that pregnancy outside the uterus.
  • Diverticulitis; disease occurs in the large intestine and will cause pain in the lower left abdomen. The disease is often found in people aged over 60 years.
  • Hernia; Hernia can occur pain because pinched intestinal. Often early symptoms of hernia in the form of the pain triggered by movement or activity that causes the body’s pressure inside the abdomen increases, but has not been seen on the surface of the abdominal wall.
  • Urinary tract infections; The infection is more common in women than men. Most are caused by bacteria.
  • Kidney stones; When the kidneys to the left, and if the small size of the stone passes into the ureter, it will cause pain in the left abdomen. Usually this is more in men, often caused by eating a lot of acidic foods, drinking water is chalky, sitting too long, and the lack of drinking water.
  • Endometriosis; This womb disease. Usually the pain intensified along with the arrival of menstruation.

Left abdominal pain can occur due to pain from a urinary tract infection asymptomatic fever. Urine examination is necessary to determine whether there is a urinary tract infection (UTI). And it may also be due to any of the above. Blood tests, urine, photo abdominal X-rays and ultrasound is important to know with certainty what causes lower left abdominal pain the truth.

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