The tonsils can cause habits bedwetting in children

The tonsils can cause habits bedwetting in children. The habedwetting that occurs in children can be caused by many things. Afraid to go to the toilet at night, drinking, stress and even something related to tonsils symptoms. For the final cause, is quite surprising because the tonsils and bed wetting habits like nothing to do.

Based on the research that says that children who have large tonsils and adenoids are swollen likely to experience respiratory problems during sleep. This breathing disorder that can cause a child to wet the bed at night.

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While the cause of why children who experience breathing problems during sleep tend to bedwetting the cause is unknown. Only, in the study mentioned that children who wet the bed because it has a tonsillectomy will stop bedwetting if their tonsils taken.

It is therefore advisable to parents who have children who suffer from tonsil to check with a doctor associated with respiratory disorders during sleep and bedwetting. It’s good if parents check the condition of the ENT doctor to see your children bedwetting due to disruption of breathing during sleep. The disorder can be treated by removing the tonsils.

Just not all the problems bedwetting in children caused by respiratory disorders during sleep. Children who wet the bed are divided into three groups, bladder problems, kidney problems and sleep disorders. In the research conducted, it is only performed on children who experience sleep disturbances. If your child continues to wet the bed, do not hesitate to consult the child’s doctor to find out why.

Reassure your child that it’s normal for her age and not their fault. So, do not punish or blame the child for wetting the bed and make sure other family members are not mocking.¬†Ask your child to go to the bathroom when entering hours sleep and just before bed.¬†Bedwetting may occur because your child has a small bladder, so can not tell when the bladder is full, or under stress.

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