Types of foods avoided to maintain a healthy heart

How to keep a healthy heart is to avoid foods that contain cholesterol. Low density lipoprotein is the bad cholesterol causes heart disease and stroke. If bad cholesterol is left alone hoard, will lead to blockage of blood flow to the brain and lead to stroke and heart disease outbreaks.

Heart disease associations suggest, that the maximum daily consumption of cholesterol is 300 mg. But in people who already suffer from high cholesterol, only a maximum of 200 mg a day. To prevent high levels of cholesterol in the body, you can do regular blood tests. In addition, you would have to avoid or reduce consumption of foods high in cholesterol.

Maintaining a Healthy Heart, Preventing Heart Disease and High Cholesterol, avoid heart attacks

– Chicken egg, chicken eggs do contain cholesterol is high enough, but not all parts of the chicken eggs high in cholesterol, but only the egg yolk alone. Egg yolk contains at least 200 milligrams of cholesterol in one egg. While cholesterol-free egg whites. Not only chicken eggs, the quail eggs also contain high cholesterol. In 100 grams of quail, contained at least 364 mg.

– Seafood, processed foods of marine products such as shrimp, squid, lobster, scallops and crab contain a lot of cholesterol, with squid containing most high bad cholesterol was 200 mg per 100 grams of it. Unsaturated fat which is the trigger blockage of veins that are found mainly in seafood, you should minimize to eat, at least once a month.

– Brain cow, for those of you who like to eat bowel, may be cow brain is your favorite. Soft texture and savory taste that makes cow brains into delicious food. However, you have to think back to make it a favorite menu. Because, in every 100 grams of cow brains, containing at least 200 mg of cholesterol.

– In addition to a high-cholesterol foods above, there are many more foods that contain high levels of bad cholesterol is high enough, such as coconut milk, beef offal, lamb offal, fatty meats, lard, sensory and cheese.

The food at the top of the food is tempting, perhaps even is your favorite food. These foods are foods that have a high content of cholesterol, which is the trigger for heart disease and stroke.

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