Usefulness medical equipment for the medical and surgery

Usefulness medical equipment for the medical and surgery. Medical devices are devices used in medicine. Functions ranging from inspection, maintenance, until treatment. There are so many types of these medical devices, and even function.

We all know how very much needed medical equipment in the world of medicine and surgery. Literally it would be difficult to perform the surgery if there is no medical equipment for diagnosis, treatment and operational procedures.

Not only do you get accuracy in diagnostic procedures but increase patient confidence for the application of medical equipment. However, most of the clinics and medical offices, especially who are new may not be able to buy a brand new medical equipment.

Like many hospitals are strapped for cash and have a limited budget, they are not in a position to invest in medical equipment are expensive.

The money saved can be invested in the development of health infrastructure of clinics and marketing it well. Once there is an influx of patients, hospitals are able to do shift and change to new clinical tools and medical equipment.

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The type and function of medical devices

  • Stethoscope; Stethoscope is one tool that has become a symbol of the medical profession. Mandatory for a doctor to have this medical equipment. This is the function of the stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat, bowel sounds, and so forth. With this ability, stethoscope can be used also to know the working of the lungs and also to measure blood pressure by listening to the pulse.
  • Endoscopy; Endoscopy is a medical device that has a function to find abnormalities that occur in the upper digestive and throat.
  • CT-Scan; CT stands for Computed Tomography while Scan is a photograph. So the function of this tool no other is to produce the parts of the body with a more complete and accurate. This is because the image produced from CT-Scan is a photograph (image) of the body in the form of slices.
  • Ultrasonography (USG); Ultrasound is often used to see the development of the fetus in pregnant woman’s body, to check the presence of other diseases in the body such as cancer, myoma, and so forth.
  • X-Ray;X-ray is used to find out the inside of the lungs in particular. X-ray function works with the use of the radiation beam.

Medical equipment is something that absolutely must be known and for some professions also need to have medical equipment. Especially for a physician, medical equipment should always be available in the practice room. In addition, they also have to keep track of medical equipment. Because it is definitely medical equipment will follow the development of technology.

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