Drinking lemon juice every morning can cure gastritis?

Drinking lemon juice every morning can cure gastritis. Is lemon or lime juice good for gastritis? Gastritis is an inflammation (swelling) of the gastric mucosa, which can be caused by factors of irritation and infection. As we know, the stomach is a digestive organ in the human body that serves to store food, digest and then flow to the small intestine.

In the stomach contained digestive enzymes such as pepsin, gastric acid and mucus to protect the stomach wall. When there is an imbalance between these factors eg the excess acid or mucus reduced, it can irritate the stomach lining, causing the inflammation in gastric.

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Gastritis is one of the health problems that often lead one to seek medical help. Gastritis brought the patient comes sometimes have different interpretations. But in general if a person feels pain in the pit of her stomach they usually mention that he was suffering from gastritis.

Gastritis is a symptom of a disease that attacks the stomach due to injury or inflammation occurs that causes abdominal pain, heartburn, and abdominal tenderness. Additionally irritation can also be caused by medications, chronic vomiting and toxic materials. Infection can be caused by bacteria, in some cases it can lead to gastritis that may increase the risk of gastric cancer.

In acute cases, symptoms that often arises is usually pain in the pit of the stomach, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, bloating, weight loss, irritation or a burning pain in the upper abdomen that may be better or worse when eating.

While chronic usually asymptomatic even if there is only a mild pain in the upper abdomen and feel full or loses appetite. Detection of first symptoms of gastritis. If pain occurs in the lower left stomach, it is not a symptom of gastritis. Read more on the lower left abdominal pain.

Is lemon juice good for gastritis?

Lemon benefit or harm to gastritis? Everyone probably already know the shape, taste and color of this fruit. But we will explain is about the dangers or benefits of lemon is best remedy for people with gastritis. Many are not aware of the dangers and benefits of lemon juice for gastritis sufferers.

Ross Bridgeford in Energize for Life explained that after lemon mixed with warm water then no longer increase the acidity in the body, but can increase the level of alkali. However, if the problem your stomach acid and gastritis chronic, it is better to consult with a doctor before trying the habit of drinking lemon juice in the morning today.

In a media gathering held Deltomed in Resto Bebek Bengil Jakarta and was written on Friday (12/07/2013), Tjok Gde explained that the treatment of gastritis with lemon widely recommended doctors in America. Usually drink lemon juice used as a complementary medicine gastritis and many are successful.

That’s the benefit of lemon for gastritis patients, even though so lemons also have side effects if we do not know how to use lemons to make medicine. The content contained in the lemon has a flavor so sour because it contains potassium which can increase the excess stomach acid.

Excess stomach acid will erode and damage the walls of the stomach making gastritis sufferers feel pain. Therefore, we suggest you better not use it. To treat gastritis, it would be a good idea to look for other ways of better treatment and does not pose a hazard, such as utilizing saffron for gastritis or herbs.

How to prevent gastritis

  • Set a good diet and regular (Avoid fatty and greasy foods, eating lots of fiber)
  • Exercise regularly
  • stop smoking
  • Avoid the use of drugs, especially that irritate the stomach
  • Reduce stress because stress can trigger the stomach acid

Drinking lemon juice to overcome gastritis

According to the study, lemon juice has been declared effective and does not interfere with the gastric, even safe for gastritis. When the lemon acid into the gastric, can neutralize the acid in the gastric. Lemon acid compounds that enter the gastric also causes the production of fluid in the gastric which serves to protect the gastric lining. As well as enzyme maintaining healthy gastric.

Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice from half a lemon. Mix with water that is lukewarm before breakfast, once a day. Gastritis are usually caused by improper diet. So, taking care of the gastric not only with lemon juice, but also must be balanced with a proper diet and healthy menu selections. Avoid fried foods, too spicy, less meat because it causes cholesterol that can lead to gastric disorder.

Treatment of gastritis depends on the cause. In many cases, a reduction of gastric acid with the aid of medication is quite useful. Antibiotics are only used when there is an indication of a bacterial infection. The use of drugs that irritate the stomach also be stopped. Other treatments are also necessary if complications arise or due to other causes of gastritis. That’s some of dmatxi.com explanation on how to treat gastritis with drink lemon juice,┬ámay be useful.

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