Foods that can lead to obesity in children

Foods that can lead to obesity in children. In this article will discuss about foods can lead to obesity in children. Obesity is excess weight as a result of excessive accumulation of body fat. Everyone needs some body fat to store energy as heat insulation, shock absorption, and other functions. Someone that excess fat in the abdomen may be more susceptible to various health problems associated with obesity. They have a higher risk.

Excess weight or obesity can also occur in children. Children who are obese are also potentially be obese as adults. And people with obesity are very close to heart disease, liver, diabetes and stroke. Research some experts claim each year the number of obese people is increasing. Did you know that obesity can be caused by the food you give to your child. If you incorrectly feed on your baby, then it can be at risk of obesity. Much of the food market is now rich in sugar and fat can cause obesity.

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Foods that cause obesity in children

  • Junk food; Junk food is a kind of fast food are aplenty in the market. Children often buy these foods because of its attractive and promotions that often they see on television. Though these foods are very dangerous. These foods contain a lot of cholesterol and sugar, which can lead to obesity. high sugar content in the body is converted into fat and deposited in the body.
  • Soft drink; The children now like this drink. Soft drink is a soft drink with a variety of flavors. These types of drinks sugar-rich liquid very easily absorbed by the body. If taken regularly, the high amounts of sugar can lead to obesity and even diabetes.
  • Fruit juice; Better give your baby fresh fruits, because by making it into juice means you have reduced the fiber in the fruit. Studies suggest that the juice has the sugar content in the form of liquid and lower fiber content than fresh fruit that can cause obesity if consumed excessively by children.
  • Milk formula; Now this is a lot of commercial formulas that give extra sugar in milk. Added sugar is what causes obesity. The Company generally glanced market where children prefer sweet things so that they provide additional sugar to be liked by children. It’s good before you choose formula you first examine nutritional content.

Do not force your child spend on food or drink if it is full. It is better to teach him to take the food to taste. Make sure the kids breakfast in the morning so that he gets enough energy. We know that everyone needs some body fat, which is good to save energy, as heat insulation, shock absorption, and other functions.

If you give too much food to the child, whether it is milk or formula or solid foods, it will result in too many calories received by children, and they will learn to eat too much. Infants who drink formula, not milk, at risk of obesity if start solid foods too soon. That’s some explanation about the causes of obesity in children, may be useful.

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