stop vomiting in kids, stop vomiting food poisoning, vomiting remedies

How Do You Stop Vomiting In Children

How to stop vomiting on your child? Parents should do fast respond when children vomit, since this can develop to serious situation and can result fatal. Although, for some cases, vomit is normal and not serious, but there will be many causes of vomit and some of them although it seems unserious but it can happen on the other side.

Vomit sometimes can be the identification of not good healthy condition or the sign of urgent condition which need deep evaluation y professional. For that reason, it is good to keep observing the condition including how many times the vomit happen and the time pause between the vomiting.

stop vomiting in kids, stop vomiting food poisoning, vomiting remedies

Dozens causes can be considered why a child vomiting. The not serious cause is when the child eats too much so that the stomach can load more food instead throw it out. Whereas, several causes need serious treatment such as food poisoning, allergic, irritations, stomach disorder, serious illness, physical injuries especially in the head, or stress.

Some reactions after consuming certain foods can result allergic or irritation especially when the child has vulnerable body toward some foods. Even a kind of food which is daily consumed, can danger when the reaction comes so that ensure the foods provided for kids.

When a child vomiting, it means that he fluids inside the body will be reduced. You have to keep giving fluids for them for preventing the dehydration little by little because for some condition the fluids can be thrown again. Avoid the solid food during the first 24 hours; choose the fluids or smooth foods.

This first treatment can be done as long as the progress as what expected. When the child shows different, no progress or worse conditions such as blood vomit, mental changes, vomit after getting head injury and complaints for headache or stomach, this is your time to call the medical service. Read also article about overcome nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy.

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