How to clean up nail polish, clean up nail polish on skin, Remove Nail Polish

How to clean up nail polish on skin

How to Clean Up Nail Polish on the Skin?

Nail polish became one of the very identical to the women. Beautiful nails are painted with a variety of colors will produce beautiful nails. In addition, nails decorated with various colors will create confidence. Short nails can be formed with nail polish accent gives shape longer. But all use nail polish open into a fun process. Or nail polish spilled on the skin that does not need to be a bad scene.

Even all the way to clean the nail polish stick to the skin becomes more difficult to do. You have to keep the nail polish that has been attached to a beautiful, while other parts become sloppy because the affected nail polish. Here are some easy ways to remove nail polish from skin.

How to clean up nail polish, clean up nail polish on skin, Remove Nail Polish

1. Spa With Warm Water

Basically nail polish is easily removed if you wear the right way. Do not peel off nail polish with a rude manner because the already sticky on the skin can be a painful thing. Perform a spa with warm water and let the nail polish that has been attached to remain as they are. Place the warm water in a bowl or pot and place it on the table. Place the skin of nail polish over the warm water. Let the warm water vapor from penetrating to the skin. This step is quite you do for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the nail that sticks to the skin. The nail polish will easily remove it because it is soft and not too attached to the skin. Clean up with towel and do it slowly so as not to damage other parts of the nail polish.

2. Lemon Water

Lemon becomes one of the fruits that are beneficial to the nails. Lemon is not only clean the nails, but also nail polish on skin. If you have any problems with the skin exposed to splashes of nail polish then you can remove it with lemon. The first step is the lemon slices according to the size you want. If you want to wear to the surface of the skin that is not too large then the small pieces will suffice. After that, rub lemon to the affected skin surface of the nail polish. Rub gently and let the peeling nail polish itself.

3. Water And Vinegar

If you do not want to remove nail polish from skin with lemon or warm water then just use vinegar. The trick is drops of vinegar on cotton. Use a cotton swab to rub the skin of the nail polish. To eliminate completely clean up may take a little longer. A side effect of this method is that the skin will smell of vinegar. To remove the smell of vinegar, you can use a skin moisturizer or lemon juice.

Basically removing nail polish from the skin can be done in a simple way. But this step does require a special time long enough so not suitable for people who have little time. If you do not want to bother with the affected skin so protect your hands with gloves for waiters at the salon or use a finger barrier. Limiting the finger will make the fingers are not too close together so you can keep the skin other than hands or feet splatter nail polish? In addition, try to perform a natural way and forget acetone, because acetone has been known to bring harm to health.

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