The natural way to get rid of acne at home using tomato

How to get rid of acne at home naturally using tomatoNot only tomatoes, other fruits you can use to remove acne naturally. Fruit that has the same efficacy as tomatoes. It is an alternative if you do not want to use materials that contain chemicals.

Based on the content of the tomatoes, we can use the tomatoes to get rid of acne naturally. Acne is a very common problem. Many steps can be taken to eliminate acne. But get rid of acne without leaving a scars, dark spots and even holes is the desire of everyone.

Tomato was efficacious for treating acne without causing scars. Acne usually appears quickly even when treatment steps still do. One step acne treatment is to use tomato. This step is very effective and does not cause side effects.  Here is the evidence and how to treat acne with tomato.

How to get rid of acne using tomato

  1. By using slice of tomato
  2. Face mask of tomato
  3. A mixture of tomato and lemon
  4. A mixture of tomato and cucumber
  5. A mixture of tomato and yogurt

Tomatoes contain various types of antioxidants and lycopene. Lycopene is a special substance found in tomatoes. Lycopene is an antioxidant substance that gives the red color in tomatoes. Lycopene is believed to provide some enormous benefits for the body such as the immune system.

But lycopene was also very beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Lycopene acts to increase the natural protection of the skin from the effects of UVA and UVB rays coming from the sun. Lycopene also helps the production of collagen that will make your skin brighter and look more natural.

Skin pores that are too big will make your skin more easily soiled and can cause acne from the pile of dust and other dirty substances. Tomatoes will help shrink the size of the pores because it contains natural substances that can make the skin more elastic. If you want to get the pore size is better then use tomatoes regularly.

The tomatoes also contain a natural anti-inflammatory. This substance is used to reduce inflammation and heal scars. Tomatoes could provide a natural cure acne because it contains anti-inflammatory substances.

Oily skin is one of the problems that cause acne are most commonly found. The tomatoes can be used as a natural substance that reduces excessive oil production. Tomatoes contain special ingredients or substances that could prevent an effective oil production so as to reduce acne.

Naturally tomatoes will help reduce the causes of acne from the inside of the body. In fact, acne can be sufficient intake of vitamins to maintain healthy skin. Tomatoes contain vitamin A which can rejuvenate skin health, tomatoes also contain vitamin C which can be formed for the production of collagen, making the skin becomes more elastic, and vitamin K is beneficial to cure red marks on the skin or acne.

Tomatoes contain properties that are excellent for keeping skin health. You can get huge benefits by using fresh tomatoes. Avoid using canned tomatoes or tomato that has been stored in a refrigerator. Tomatoes that have been stored could potentially cause the bacteria in acne and facial.

In addition to tomatoes, you can wear a face mask to remove acne. Facial masks made from natural ingredients. Only this way of getting get rid of acne at home using tomato that we can review, may be useful. Do not press the acne during using tomato as an acne medicine.

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