fluffy hair treatment, causes of dry fluffy hair, how to fix fluffy hair

The fast way of fluffy hair treatment at home

The fast way of fluffy hair treatment at home. How to fix the fluffy hairs you can do besides using shampoo is by utilizing natural ingredients. To look perfect without using products like shampoo to get rid of fluffy hair. This type of hair is very difficult to set so as to make the appearance less tidy.

Fluffy hair that would make you feel less confident, with fluffy hair due to dry conditions, it makes you feel like having a lion hair. In order to treatment the problem of dry fluffy hair, the things you need to consider in caring for hair health more thoroughly again.

fluffy hair treatment, causes of dry fluffy hair, how to fix fluffy hair
Fluffy hair treatment

The risk of using the products such as shampoo can cause hair to be dry and fluffy. Besides, there are also many kinds of triggers that cause your hair to fluffy as the lack of moisture in the hair that causes dry, even use beauty equipment for hair can also be a major trigger your hair to be dry fluffy.

How to prevent fluffy hair

Do not shampoo too often; Shampoo every day will make the hair becomes dry and dull, consequently the hair will expand. Shampoo at least 2 days and do not every day, set the distance each time you wash.

Do not comb your hair while wet; To avoid fluffy and dry hair, do not comb your hair while wet. Wet hair has a very fragile condition, so do not comb the hair that is still wet.

Use cold water; Fluffy hair treatment can do with cold water. Eliminate your habit of rinsing hair using warm water and replace using cold water. Cold water can keep your hair moistened from fluffy.

Fluffy hair treatment at home

Natural mask; Treat your hair with natural masks such as olive oil, avocado, honey and yoghurt. How to make a mask with olive oil is to apply olive oil on the hair evenly, then cover with a towel or shower cup. Then let stand for the night and the next morning rinse by using water until clean do this way routinely 3 to 4 times a week.

Fulfill hair nutrition; Remember not only the body that requires nutrition, the hair also needs it. To fix your fluffy hair, help the hair nutrients from within by eating foods that contain lots of protein and vitamins as found in vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts.

Keep the hair moist; One of the fluffy hair factors the disappearance of the natural moisture of the hair, making it easy to dry. To overcome or avoid that hair does not fluffy, then routine to perform maintenance by using conditioner. Use conditioner after shampooing without touching the scalp. After that rinse until completely clean. Do it this way 2 times a week.

All you have to do in the treatment of your dry hair is changing the way you treat your hair. If dry fluffy hair caused by the use of a type of shampoo less precise, the shampoo should replace and adjust the type of your hair. Avoid using hair moisturizing products that contain chemicals, try using a hair moisturizer products recommend using natural ingredients contained in the product.

Keep your hair moisturize, keep your hair moist to avoid fluffy hair problems. Lack of moisture due to the lack of natural oil production produced by your scalp that serves as a natural moisturizer for hair. Avoid dry hair caused by the heat of the sun.

You can use a natural moisturizer derived from natural materials or by using nutrients for hair that serves as moisturizing your hair. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a long time, it can reduce the moisture your hair and cause hair to become dry.

Dry hair due to sun exposure which causes the hair to fluffy. Reduce or avoid the use of tools that are hot. Using a hair dryer that too often can eliminate natural moisturizer for hair. Dry and fluffy hair is a common occurrence, it is all due to the incompatibility of hair care you use, or you are also rarely pay attention to hair health.

Provide for the nutritional needs of hair intended to make the hair more moist, with sufficient nutrients for hair that you can use as a hair mask or consume directly which has nutritional benefits for your hair. Fluffy hair due to dry can be caused by inadequate intake of nutrients needed by the hair.

Most people want to have straight and neat hair. But fluffy hair will be difficult to manage. Therefore the fluffy hair treatment is very important. The above natural ingredients you can use to fix the problem of fluffy hair.

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