What causes vomiting in children

What is the cause of vomiting in children? Vomit is the indication of the one disease. This disease can be happened in children or adults, and this indication is like come out the substances of the stomach through the mouth.

Vomit is the one of reflect that is indicate the function of body protection that against the toxic inside the body of your children. Besides that, vomit is the one way to come out the toxic from body and decrease the pressure in the absorption. Commonly, vomiting has the three phase, such of them are nausea, retching, and the vomit itself or the come out of the substances.

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Usually, vomiting in children can make you as parents are worried. This is the common reaction because vomiting that happens regularly can cause dehydration that is dangerous for children. If you curious about the cause of vomiting, you may take a look in this article that will discuss about causes vomiting that has been happened in your children.

  • The primary cause in vomit is virus infection; the one virus that can cause vomit is rota virus. Because of this virus, your children can experience diarrhea after the vomiting. Besides that, not only diarrhea that can happen to your children, but it also can make your children fever.
  • The other cause of this vomit is your children that eat too many foods. As you know, children have a small flank that cannot be filled by big amount of foods. If it is forced to be filled, there will cause the nausea and then the children will vomit all of that foods.
  • The third cause is the medicine reaction. For your information, vomit is the response of the medicine that cannot be accepted by body will cause vomiting.

There are some of the causes of vomiting that usually happens in children. So, for you as a parent has to understand what things that can make your children vomiting. With understand about the factors, you can avoid your children experience vomiting that is not really comfort to them.

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