Benefits of napping for your health

Naps did have many health benefits. Although you are busy and have a solid activity, took a few minutes to sleep when you feel sleepy would be good for your health. When you take a nap, your brain run some errands to organize and process information. Not only that, take a nap has many other benefits.

Improve memory. In one study, it was concluded that at least a 45-minute naps can help in improve memory. This could happen in slow wave sleep phase happens when you take a nap. Increased brain activity during sleep, would be beneficial for you to memorize foreign words or new terms.

napping benefit

With a nap, it means you has been to protect the brain from the information processing activities are too excessive and will help consolidate the newly acquired information. It will be able to improve your concentration and productivity at work. In fact, in one study, it was found that naps can help lower blood pressure.

Napping cure insomnia. According to a study, also found that by sleeping at least 15 minutes, will increase alertness and reduce drowsiness caused by lack of sleep at night. Everyone is going to get different effects. However, in a study in 2011, found that naps can make insomniacs could be fitter, because of lack of sleep at night has been covered by hour nap.

In addition, the benefits of naps can also help reduce stress levels. This has been demonstrated in a study that found that stress hormones to be down dramatically when you take a nap, especially in the evening when you are sleep deprived. In the study, it was found that while some people who are sleep deprived pilots before duty, they found cortisol levels increased significantly and the last 2 days. And when they had a short nap, cortisol levels decreased to half of the original.

Naps can prevent heart disease, nap though only briefly. Between 20 to 40 minutes can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Among them are heart disease and stroke. This is evidenced by researchers from Greece, which found that people who nap for half an hour 3 times a week, can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by 37 percent.

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