Best oil for clean up your nails, clean up your nails and cuticles, how to clean nails

Best oil for clean up your nails and cuticles

Best Oil For Clean Up Your Nails and Cuticles

How to clean up nails and cuticles using oil? Every woman always wants to have beautiful nails. Beautiful and healthy nails will be very important for the appearance. But to get beautiful nails then it cannot be done instantly and quickly. Nails should be treated with extreme caution so as not to become dirty or damaged. Another portion of the nail is the cuticle that must be considered.

The cuticle is a thin layer of skin that protects the nails from infection germs or bacteria. Sometimes the cuticle easily separated only because the small scratches that make the nails become uncomfortable. Here are some simple treatments that can be done at home. These are some of the best oil for clean up your nails and cuticles.

Best oil for clean up your nails, clean up your nails and cuticles, how to clean nails

Olive Oil For Nail care

If you already have a less bright color nails and cuticles are easier to peel then use olive oil to treat all of these problems. Olive oil has the function to restore skin moisture nails and cuticles naturally.

To moisten and clean the nails then you can use olive oil. This simple way you can do. Apply a drop of olive oil on cotton and use a cotton swab to clean the nails. Give a thin layer of olive oil on the nail cuticle so that moisture will naturally recover. To clean dirt that has accumulated on the nail then you can do these way three or two times a week.

If you have a cuticle layer that is easily torn nails and make uncomfortable, then do a treatment with olive oil. Mix a few drops of olive oil with one or two tablespoons of honey. Give a mixture of olive oil and honey on the nails and cuticles and allow up to 15 minutes. Once completed then rinse with warm water and clean nails down to the cuticle. Dry with a soft towel and give a special massage at the cuticle. To perform maintenance to get the most, then you simply do this treatment twice a week.

Do you have dirty nails and nail polish because it does not look comfortable. Forget treatments in salons and use olive oil as the best oil to nails and cuticles. Mix the olive oil in tomato juice until well blended. After that you can soak up the entire cuticle nail into the solution tomatoes and olive oil. Perform this step for about 15 minutes. Dry with a soft towel and put moisturizer on nails and cuticles.

Camellia Flower Oil For Nail care

In addition to wearing the olive oil, then oil camellia flowers can also be used to restore the cleanliness and moisture cuticles. You can wear camellia flower oil which has been specially packaged. Give camellia flower oil on cotton and apply on the nails to the skin. Wearing a wide variety of natural oils for treating nail polish is become dirty due to natural and healthy solutions.

Olive oil and camellia flower oil is a kind of natural oils that contain lots of vitamins for nails and cuticles. Maintaining the health of nails that are too often exposed nail polish is hard to do. But if you do care before the nail becomes very dirty, then this is very good step to maintain healthy nails.

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