Home Treatment for Baby Vomiting

Monday, March 3rd 2014. | Health

What should be done to stop when the baby vomits? As parent, you must be panic if your baby is vomiting. If you are in this condition, you don’t need to be worry and panic. The first thing that you have to know is about the cause of baby vomiting, if it is not dangerous, you can do some home treatment that is appropriate to solve the baby vomiting problems.

For the information, the baby vomiting can be caused of the stomach that is full and it makes a reaction with come out substances of stomach, namely vomiting. Now, this article will invite you as parent to overcome this baby vomiting. When your baby vomits, the first thing you have to do is clean the vomit in baby mouth in order it cannot swollen by your baby.

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If it is swollen, it can disturb the breath of baby. After you clean the baby mouth, don’t give drink directly but wait until the baby feels better. If the vomit is happened regularly, you have to stop to give baby foods or drinks. To prevent baby vomiting, it is better to make your baby do a burp after drink. And when you give your baby foods or drinks, make sure your baby in not in sleep position.

As a mother, you have to know your baby condition, if your baby vomits regularly even more than ten times; you have to see the doctor to stop that vomit. And if there is a problem inside your baby stomach, the doctor can heal it quickly. Sometimes, baby vomiting is happened once in baby’s life, but you have to wary if it happens for a long time to your baby.

Hope this article can prevent baby vomiting, if it has happened you can do some tips that is discussed above. It is not difficult to hard, but you still have to careful to overcome it. In addition to vomiting during pregnancy, vomiting can also occur in children. As parents, you must know home remedies to deal with the child vomited.