vomiting during pregnancy, Home treatment for vomiting, how to stop vomiting

Home treatment for vomiting during pregnancy

How to stop vomiting during pregnancy naturally. Pregnancy is a dream of every woman in this world, but sometimes in the early of your pregnancy, you feel so nausea and you will get vomiting in the morning. This is called as the morning sickness, where it happens in first three semester of your pregnancy.

There is some type of nausea that is happened in pregnant woman, and to solve this nausea, you can do some treatments at your home without need to see the doctor. This article will give you information how to solve your morning sickness.

vomiting during pregnancy, Home treatment for vomiting, how to stop vomiting

There some tips that you can do at home while you are pregnant, such of them are:

  • Eat little portion of food regularly, nausea can be happened if you eat with big portion. Make sure you still eat everyday, because it is important for your health and your baby, but still in a little portion.
  • Nausea and vomiting can be avoided with consume food that high of carbohydrate and protein. Consume fruit is also suggested to prevent vomit when you are pregnant. For example, you can consume bread, biscuit, banana, and another healthy food.
  • When you awake in the morning, you can do this ritual. Don’t be rush to wake up; you can sit on your bed first before you totally awake. And if you want to vomit in the morning after you open your eyes, you can eat some biscuit before you wake up from your bed.
  • Consume vitamin is a primary need for pregnant woman. And to prevent vomit everyday, you can choose B6 vitamin, because it is effective to decrease nausea in pregnant woman.

To do all those tips are really easy, but if you don’t trust to try these tips, you can see your doctor and consult it. If your doctor agree with all those tips, it is better to try because it will be useful for your health during your pregnancy. Natural remedies for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

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