How to make the hair grower of candle nut

Friday, July 3rd 2015. | Lifestyle

How to make the hair grower of material candle nut. Candle nut can grow hair in a natural way. How to easily create natural candle nut oil can do yourself at home. We also have known for generations that candle nut has exceptional properties for human hair.

Candle nut can grow hair in various ways. There are several ways to process the candle nut to grow hair. One way of processing that we will describe is grilled candle nut. Here are some of the benefits of candle nut:

  • Nourish and grow hair
  • Prevent and eliminate dandruff
  • Prevent and treat hair loss
  • Eliminating lice in the hair

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There are two ways to easily create hair grower candle nut oil naturally. The first way with the juice and burned. How to easily create candle nut oil by this method will produce transparent colored candle nut oil.

Make hair grower with candle nut juice. This method is relatively easy to do so that everyone can do. The result will be smelled delicious as fried candle nut. Candle nut oil will be colored transparent, so that when applied to the scalp will not make the scalp becomes dirty. You will overcome the dirty hair again.

How to make candle nut juice is with blender the candle nut seeds intact. Add enough water, then squeezed. Perform this method continuously, until the juice becomes transparent. Put the juice in a closed place, let stand for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the fried candle nut juice until the oil out.

The second way of making hair grower with candle nut. How to easily create candle nut oil with burned as this method will produce black candle nut oil. Candle nut oil that is produced does not cause allergies, suitable for all ages, even on the scalp is sensitive though. And the result can quickly grow hair.

Candle nut oil produced is more effective in strengthening and nourishing for the hair. It is also believed to blacken hair. In addition candle nut oil, you can also try to grow hair with coconut oil.

How to make hair grower with candle nut burned? Drying seeds candle nut with direct sun. After candle nut dries, continue to burn until charred candle nut seed. Once charred, continue with blender. After that, the stay is used for treatment.

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