How to overcome nasal congestion using saline solution

Thursday, July 3rd 2014. | Health

Nasal congestion can be addressed in several ways, one of them with a saline solution. Overcoming nasal congestion using saline solution we will explain. Nasal congestion due to allergies or colds, try to relieve the nasal washing with saline solution. Useful saline solution to wash the mucus and allergens at the same time.

Some scientists believe, wash your nose using saline solution to relieve symptoms in patients with chronic sinus, allergy with runny nose, acute sinusitis, colds, flu-like symptoms are also accompanied by nasal congestion. This method is said to be safe for children and adults.

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Causes of nasal congestion

Being in an air-conditioned room can sometimes make a nasal congestion. As a result, feels heavy and shortness of breath. These disorders can certainly have an impact on your activities. Nasal congestion is not accompanied by fever or pain is most likely caused by allergies.

However, it could be a blockage in the nasal congestion caused by inflammation of sinusitis when accompanied by discharge, especially if it is being lowered. Antibiotics are not needed when this disorder do not show signs of infection, such as pain, fever, and nasal thick greenish droppings.

Do a check on the lungs was not necessary because you suffered interference only occurs in one nostril only. In order to do x-rays to detect the presence of inflammation in the sinus area and to reduce swelling of the mucous membranes, use nose drops. It could be a blockage in the nose occurs due to swelling.

How to overcome nasal congestion using saline solution

  • To wet nose, you will need a container and saline solution. Use a bottle or buy the tool pre-filled container (sort of specimen containers) that are sold in pharmacies.
  • Mix one or two cups of warm water with ¼ or ½ teaspoon salt was iodized, and a dash (useful alleviate salt reaction). For the record, use sterile water / boiled water to make a solution to prevent infection.
  • If you use a bottle as well as a syringe (without the needle) to drain saline solution, tilt the body to position the head over the sink, with the position of an angle of 45 degrees. Tilt the head to the side (look sideways) so that the nostrils pointing towards the sink. Do not tilt your head back.
  • Stream of saline solution. Place the container so that the holes are in the nose, then push. The tip of the bottle entry hole no more than the width of one finger. Your mouth open and breathe through the mouth when a saline solution is inserted into the nose.
  • Salt water will run through the nose and flows out of the other nostril (or mouth) when saline solution is inserted into the nose in position head tilted to the side. Shortly after this is done, you have to spit so that the fluid out and not swallowed. But there is no problem if ingested.
  • Clean up your nose and repeat. Blow air through the nose gently to clear the rest of the saline solution. Repeat procedure on other nostril. When finished, dispose of the rest of the solution and clean the tools that are not used.

If when cleaning the nostrils feels hot or painful, try reducing the levels of saline solution, and make sure you use lukewarm water. Use saline solution once a day just to help thin mucus, decrease the number of droplets of nasal mucus and clean the nose of bacteria. It can also clean allergens. After symptoms subside, repeat with a frequency of three times a week to keep the nose free of symptoms. In addition overcome nasal congestion using saline solution, nasal congestion can be overcome using a inhaling steam.

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