How to whiten underarms fast and effective using lemon

How to whiten underarms fast and effective using lemon? Home remedies can you to whiten underarm and inner thigh. Why can underarms dark? Black or dark underarm is actually included trivial conditions. However, for some people, the condition is considered quite disturbing especially in women.

Useful addition to whiten underarms naturally, lemon can also be used to get rid of underarm odor. It has been proven and we’ve done yourself. You can try it once just before the bath to prove. This fast way and effective, even we do not need to use deodorant anymore.

whiten underarms using lemon

Causes of dark underarms

Some of the factors that cause underarm looks black is shaving underarm hair, use hair removal creams continuous, excessive sweating, ‘ventilation’ armpit bad, accumulated dead skin cells, to use alcohol-based deodorant.

Whiten underarms using lemon

Lemon is the first ingredient that often comes to mind when we want to remove something dark in the skin. Lemon is a natural substance that is very good for whitening. Lemon is not only a natural cleanser, but also has anti-bacterial and anti-septic. The nature of the acid can help extensively brighten the skin along with exfoliating dead skin cells.

Take a slice of lemon and use it on your underarms every day before bathing. You need to know that, lemon will also make the skin becomes dry. Therefore, you should use a moisturizer after bathing.

Add a little turmeric, honey, or yogurt. This mixture might look like pasta. Use the mixture on your dark underarms, and wait for about 10 minutes, then rinse with water. This will whiten your underarms slowly over routine use.

If you have trouble getting lemon, you can also use other materials such as baking soda and cucumber. In addition to using lemon, how to whiten underarms is to use baking soda. These materials can be used as an exfoliating scrub to help brighten dark underarms.

Baking soda is known to help remove dead skin cells, which is one cause of armpit colored black. In addition, baking soda can also help kill germs and prevent body odor. Mix baking soda and water to transform into a thick paste. Apply the paste on your armpits, rub gently. Afterwards, rinse and dry.

Cucumber also has a natural bleaching properties to help brighten the skin. Simply by rubbing a cucumber in your armpit. You can also be textured puree until soft, then rub it into the armpits. In addition to whiten the armpit, cucumbers also can use to get rid of acne naturally.

If the lemon is useful as whitening or lighten, cucumbers helpful to keep the skin from irritation or itching. Combine lemon, cucumber, and add a little turmeric. The third ingredient is a good combination, lemon will get rid of dead skin cells, cucumbers provide a cooling effect, and turmeric prevent discoloration.

That’s some way to whiten underarms that you can try. By involving natural materials such lemon, baking soda and cucumber is not expected to cause harmful side effects. Even some people who have tried the tips and how to whiten underarms fast and effective using lemon already described above, claimed to have positive results with the implementation of a routine basis over several weeks / months.

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