The Abdominal Pain In Our Body

Monday, February 3rd 2014. | Health

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is usually occurred in our body especially in our stomach areas between pelvic and the chest. The organs that are placed in that area are liver, intestines, spleen, appendix, kidney, gallbladder, and pancreas. There are many important organs are used in digestion.

Sometime, when you feel pain in the abdomen area, you have to be careful with the disease that is attack in our digestive system. There are many kinds of abdomen pain that show the kinds of the disease that people face like appendicitis.

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The Abdominal Pain Types According To The Pain Location

The pain that is occurred in our abdomen shows many kinds of disease. Kinds of abdominal pain according to the pain location that usually face are:

  • Generalized Pain

The generalized pain is occurred of the whole of the stomach parts. The diseases that can occurr the pain are injury of the digestive system, stomach flu, appendicitis, urinary tract infection, and syndrome of irritable bowel.

  • Lower Abdominal Pain

The pain that is indicated in lower pain of the stomach are usually closer with the reproduction system. The causes of the pain are having a menstrual pain that women usually faced or it is called dysmenorrhea, miscarriage, etopic pregnancy, and many more. you have to be careful with this pain, if it become worst, you have to go to the doctor directly.

  • Lower Left Abdominal Pain

This pain area usually shows that people have problems with the crohn’s disease, appendicitis, the infection of kidney, or cancer.

  • Upper Abdominal Pain

This pain is usually indicated that the people have problems with their hearts, he may have heart attack. The other diseases that can cause the pain are pneumonia, liver inflammation, and also gallstone.

So, those are the useful information that are usually face by people in abdominal pain. Do some exercise and arrange your eat-time to avoid the pain that is occurred in your abdomen.