Can high cholesterol cause tired and headaches?

Can high cholesterol cause tired and headaches? The symptoms and causes of high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a waxy white substance that can be found in every cell of the body because it is one component of fat (in addition to free fatty acids, triglycerides and phospholipids) produced by the liver.

Cholesterol serves to build cell walls, strengthening cell membranes and make certain hormones such as steroid hormones. Basically the body needs cholesterol to make hormones and vitamin D, and is part of the bile acids that break down fats in the digestive system.

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Can high cholesterol cause tired and headaches?

Can high cholesterol cause headaches? Cholesterol in the body fat has actually been fulfilled from that produced by the liver, but if consume high levels of saturated fat foods then the liver will produce more cholesterol, causing an excess of cholesterol. Excess cholesterol and not used according to its function will be mixed in the blood (blood fat).

Excessive levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause fatty deposits to stick to vein walls, forming clots and plaque that clogs arteries and ultimately decide the flow of blood to the heart that can cause heart attacks or even inhibit blood circulation to the brain (atherosclerosis) that will trigger a stroke.

To avoid high cholesterol diseases we need to know and pay attention to foods that contain cholesterol, what is safe for consumption because cholesterol is the culprit of the disease degenaratif because Atherosclerosis can occur in arteries in the brain, heart, kidneys, other vital organs. But does high cholesterol make you tired?

Can high cholesterol cause tired and headaches?

Will be questioned everyone when often experience headaches or often experience fatigue. Does high cholesterol make you tired? Some people experience headaches and fatigue as initial symptoms. These symptoms arise as a result of a lack of oxygen. High cholesterol levels cause the blood becomes thick so that the lack of oxygen.

Nevertheless headaches and tired are not always a sign that a patient has high cholesterol. But usually people with high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) known after being found suffering from coronary heart disease or stroke. Common complaint is pain or soreness in the back of the head neck to shoulder, leg swelling, easily tired and easy sleepy.

For patients, they must know the causes of high cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease and veins. The worst risk, fat clots can block blood flow that can trigger a heart attack or stroke. High cholesterol makes a person often experience tired and headaches.

The main symptoms of high cholesterol

Pain in the back of the neck and shoulders; this is because the blood supply and oxygen are hampered by the buildup of plaque on the blood vessels.

Frequent headache; headaches occur because of increased cholesterol make arteriosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels). The flow of blood flowing into the brain is inhibited.

Quickly drowsy; Cholesterol constricts blood vessels and sometimes closes blood vessels, the blood flow that carries oxygen to the brain is hampered so that a person gets sleepy. If you often feel tired or fatigue, it’s good you immediately check your body’s cholesterol levels.

Easily tired; People who experience high cholesterol, vital system of his body disrupted so easily tired. Do you often wake up and feel still tired all day? If you are over 30 years old and often experience these symptoms please check your health in detail.

Tingling; this happens because the blood flow is clot.

Causes of high cholesterol

  • Daily food; The main causes of high cholesterol comes from food. Cholesterol is generally derived from animal fats such as meat goat, although quite a few are derived from vegetable fats such as coconut and palm oils. Some foods that are believed to be healthy is eggs also contain cholesterol. Foods that are too much saturated fat can cause high cholesterol, so it is advisable to sage in eat everyday so as not to excess. Begin to arrange the food such as beef, lamb, milk, eggs, butter and cheese because they contain saturated fat. Foods containing coconut oil, palm oil or butter also has a lot of saturated fat. Saturated fats are often found in snack foods that contain margarine, cooking oil and the use of cookies.
  • Weight loss; Excessive weight is not only annoying health but it looks a more bad. Being overweight can increase triglycerides and lower HDL (good cholesterol).
  • Age and gender; After reaching the age of 20 years, cholesterol levels tend to rise. In men, cholesterol levels generally continued to increase after age 50 years. In women, cholesterol levels will stay down at menopause, after which cholesterol tends to be high as in men.
  • Certain diseases; Having certain diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism can cause high cholesterol.
  • Family history; If one family member had a high cholesterol problem so be careful because the risk of having high cholesterol can also occur to you.

High cholesterol can happen to everyone and please note also said to have normal cholesterol levels if the size is 160-200 mg, while incoming hazardous condition if it is above 240 mg because it can cause stroke. Many people often associate tiredness and headaches with high cholesterol.

Can high cholesterol make you tired? Can high cholesterol cause headaches? Headache and tired are characteristics of high cholesterol. But that does not mean headaches and tired are high cholesterol. Those are some explanations about the symptoms of high cholesterol, may be useful.

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