How to rebonding of hair and treatment after rebonding

How to good hair care after rebonding? For hair rebonding you can do at the salon or at home. Before we have given tips on how to rebonding hair at home. What is a rebonding of hair? Rebonding is a process of straightening hair with the help of chemicals. Applied in a certain period in a professional manner so that the results are satisfactory.

Generally, shampooing can be done after 3-4 days when hair rebonding. In order to hair straighteners can penetrate deeper. Many reasons make diligent people come into the salon. One is to straighten the hair. There is also a wish to soften the hair, both men and women.

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How to rebonding of hair

If you belong to one of them, you should be aware of the dangers of chemicals contained in hair straightening products. Well, how to care for hair rebonding to remain durable straight. To avoid hair damage after doing hair rebonding.

How to straighten hair in addition to hair rebonding

Compared to using chemicals to do hair rebonding, using natural ingredients is much healthier. One of the best natural ingredients to straighten hair is banana and papaya. Banana and papaya are two ingredients that are effective enough to treat your hair. Both of these ingredients are enriched with a variety of nutritional content that can maintain healthy scalp, and of course straighten hair naturally.

  • Provide a medium-sized bowl that is clean
  • Take papaya and banana, then put into a bowl just enough
  • Mix up to form a masker. If it’s too thick, you can add a little warm water
  • Do not forget to add a few tablespoons of honey. After that apply the mask throughout the hair
  • Let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse by shampooing.
  • In just a few minutes, you can feel the difference in hair. As the texture is softer and smoother

How to hair treatment after rebonding

  • Shampooing performed 3-4 days after rebonding process in order to remedy pervasive and longer straight hair.
  • Avoid shampooing with warm or hot water, it is better to use only cold water so as not to react to product straightener.
  • Do not use theĀ hair straightener tool in a hair when wet. Though there are some tools that allow it, but the condition of the hair will be shocked and easy to dry and damaged.
  • When shampooing and drying, preferably in an upright, so the hair is not fluffy and messy and keep it straight.
  • Better to use a wide-toothed comb is made ??of wood. This type of comb will help make hair not too much exposed to static electricity and softer.
  • Use conditioner when shampooing, and apply a vitamin or serum after shampooing. Both were very helpful hair to keep it moist and prevent split ends.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Use a shower cap or umbrella when it should move in the sun.
  • Do not overuse hair barrette or tie with rubber so as not to leave a mark and make a break on hair.

For those of you who already have hair straight but slightly wavy, you can try out (hair straightening) smoothing (the process is only slightly different from the rebonding material used is not as hard as the bonding material).

If you already have straight hair, then we suggest to do the correct treatment to keep hair healthy and straight. Because caring for the wrong hair can make your hair not straight anymore. One of the important things in taking care of straight hair is to avoid using a hair tie.

Hair tie can cause hair to become damaged or not straight again, especially if you bind tight and for a long time. All the way to straighten natural hair above is actually very simple, it all depends on your intentions of each. The above tips will be useless if you do not directly try at home.

If there is a way to straighten hair by using natural ingredients, for what use chemicals. How to rebonding the hair is done in the salon will be very different if you do at home. So if you use chemicals as well, should be done at the salon alone and ask for advice in treating hair after rebonding.

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