What causes body odor even after bathing

What can cause body odor even after bathing? Sometimes we have a problem of body odor but it was after exercise, but some are not appropriate when using deodorant. Worse still is experiencing body odor even after bathing.

Body odor is characterized by the odor emanating from the body. Body odor grew stronger when mixed with sweat. Body odor is especially true in the area of the armpits and between the toes (foot odor). This disorder can be a problem in the association.

Disorders of body odor or the smell of sweat may occur due less to maintain cleanliness of the body and there are bacteria that can turn your sweat become smell. Body odor is also influenced by hormones and food intake.

Many things can cause body odor. In addition to exercise, the food is a common cause of body odor. To avoid the problem of body odor you should know what foods can cause body odor.

Foods that can cause body odor

  1. Garlic
  2. Meat
  3. Foods containing compound methyl

The type of foods containing garlic could give adverse effects on the body odor. In addition, garlic can also cause body odor and bad breath become less pleasant. This has been proven directly and also through scientific research. For that reason, one way to prevent body odor is to reduce the consumption of foods containing garlic.

Meat is also one of the causes of body odor. Those who eat too much meat-based foods usually have less pleasant scent than by those who frequently eat foods like vegetables. This is due to the nature of the meat can not be easily digested in the body. In addition to good health, the vegetables also do not cause body odor. But Not all types of vegetables is good for body odor problem.

Methyl also be the Causes of body odor. For those who have a body odor problem then you should avoid foods that contain methyl compound. Foods containing methyl can get from beet, spinach and also some kind of processed food of soybean.

Sometimes we still have body odor, but already frequent bathing. What causes body odor even after a shower? How to stop body odor is to think of foods that cause body odor and also use antibacterial soap suitable when showering. But do not forget to look for the right deodorant for you.

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