Xylitol gum decrease the risk of angular cheilitis

Risk of angular cheilitis

Xylitol gum decrease the risk of angular cheilitis | dmatxi.com. In this article dmatxi.com will discuss about how to overcome the angular cheilitis. Cracked on the corners of the mouth or the medical term is called angular cheilitis.

Angular Cheilitis is an inflammation of the surface that has the characteristics of dry lips and chapped that occurs at an angle. Angular Cheilitis is cracked and ulceration of the mouth after a fungal or bacterial infection.

Angular cheilitis is also known as cheilosis or angular stomatitis. This condition commonly affects the corner of lips. Characteristic skin on the lips angular cheilitis is inflammation, burning, redness, and ulceration or cracks.

Angular Cheilitis affected areas are often itchy and painful, and may even bleed in cases of more severe angular cheilitis. Normal angular cheilitis will heal itself over time. However, the severe condition can cause pain and bleeding.

Causes of Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is generally caused by excessive growth of Candida fungus, which results in chapped and sore at the corner of the mouth. Other known causes of angular cheilitis is the infection. Therefore, dental hygiene is also important. Poor dental hygiene can encourage bacterial growth.

Another cause of angular cheilitis include fungal infections. As for aging, the mechanism for this condition is loss of vertical dimension due to loss of teeth, allowing for over-closure of the mouth. People with certain conditions such as a low immune system, diabetes mellitus, and saliva were always collected in the corners of the mouth are more prone to angular cheilitis.

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Symptoms of angular Chelitis

  • Dry on the lips corner
  • Chapped on the lips corner
  • Sores on the lips corner
  • Pain when opening mouth
  • Even point can be up to a bloody lip

Xylitol gum can reduce risk of angular cheilitis

Chewing gum containing xylitol can reduce the increased risk of angular cheilitis. Angular cheilitis can be overcome by eating chewing gum containing xylitol. From the research, to improve oral health through the use of chewing gum containing xylitol or chlorhexidine may lower the risk of developing angular cheilitis. Please note if you frequently consume chewing gum containing sugar can lead to obesity, look for chewing gum without artificial sweeteners.

How to cope with angular cheilitis:

  • Anti-fungal ointment; Anti-fungal ointment can provide help and cure the infection that infects the lips. Using anti-fungal medication to treat angular cheilitis, which is characterized by inflammation and sores on the surface of the lips, the corners of the mouth and around the mouth.
  • Antiviral medication; Antiviral used to treat oral herpes is a contagious condition that causes the appearance of sores and cracked around the mouth. Antiviral drugs work by slowing the progression of the virus, thus allowing the body to fight it.

Regardless of what causes angular cheilitis, the most important thing to remember if you ever suffer this condition is to keep your lips moist. You can do this by drinking lots of water and by applying aloe vera gel or olive oil on your lips.

Angular Cheilitis may occur due to nutritional deficiencies such as Vitamin B deficiency and iron deficiency. To get rid of angular cheilitis, it is important to consume adequate nutrients by eating a foods healthy and balanced.

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