Effect of empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership

Emotional intelligence

Effect of empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership. Emotional intelligence is the ability to regulate emotional life with intelligence (to manage our emotional life with intelligence), maintain harmony and expression of emotion (the appropriateness of emotion and its expression) through the skills of self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, empathy and social skills.

According to “Goleman”, especially in people who only have high academic intelligence, they tend to have anxiety unwarranted, overly critical, fussy, tend to withdraw, seemed cold and less likely to express resentment and anger appropriately. If supported by the low level of emotional intelligence, then such people are often the source of problems. Due to the above properties, if someone has a high IQ but low emotional intelligence level it tends to be seen a stubborn, hard to get along, easily frustrated, do not easily trust others, is not sensitive to environmental conditions and tend to despair when experiencing stress.

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The opposite condition, experienced by people who have an average IQ level but has high emotional intelligence. This is because the high-IQ people fail to become leaders. While the people with medium IQ, it can be a good leader than the leader with emotional intelligence skills that handle pressure, recognize and express emotions, courage, empathy and skills to relate to others.

Leadership style used is also important for the motivation. In running leadership, principals need to use strategy as well as tactics or strategy right leadership. The strategy contains climate leadership and the arts to acquire and utilize support in implementing the policies and achieve the desired purpose, and contains benchmarks that need to be held to work on efforts to pursue the achievement of goals.

Besides the principal must also understand each individual subordinates and adjust to the situation, the nature and condition of the existing order to use force does not lead to negative things, but should be able to facilitate and encourage teachers to work more seriously so that the goals can be achieved.

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