Factors causing occurred carsick on someone

Factors causing occurred carsick on someone. Riding trip transportation by land, sea, and air would be no fun if you suddenly experience motion sickness. Motion sickness is caused by many factors. Among bad roads, rugged vehicle engines, the ship was hit by a wave, the plane that crosses the cloud, or the immune system that is not fit.

Someone who spun around quickly while standing upright will dizziness when stop spinning. This is due to the brain confused. News from the eye to say that the body has stopped spinning. However, the fluid in the pipe arch (part of the ear) are still moving while stimulating the nerve endings in it, so the news from there that the body is still spinning even though has stopped spinning.

Factors causing occurred carsick, how to overcome carsick, reduce motion sickness

The movement is not only to make someone dizzy but also will make him unable to stand up straight. This arises when the liquid pipe in ear is moving so fast that the brain would be overwhelmed in receiving news coming barrage.

If this happens the movement of the liquid pipe in a long time, such as ride cars passing through many twists or ships rocked by waves, then there will be motion sickness. Motion sickness marked fatigue, dizziness, sweating, and nausea.

These factors make the shocks are not stable in the body. If this happens on a continuous basis, then chances are your body is not strong hold. The road meanders prone to make people experience carsick. If you like carsick, you can do things to reduce the possibility of carsick.

How to overcome carsick

  • Plenty of rest before a long trip.
  • Eat in small portions before and during the trip.
  • Keep the air in the car to keep it fresh.

You also can prevent carsick in your child while traveling away by using orange. The medicine to prevent carsick just worked to reduce the work of the nerves. Thus, these medicine should only be used when not driving.

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