natural hair care, homemade hair care, dry hair care, hair care home remedies

Home Remedies for Hair Care

Having healthy and shiny hair is a dream of every people since many people believe that hair is the symbol of beauty. However, there are some hair problems that be faced by almost people. Even though it is not dangerous, some hair problems such as hair loss and dandruff often make people unconfident.

Getting hair treatment is one way that you can try to overcome it. But, it commonly needs high cost and not all of people can afford it. If you do not have enough budget for it, doing hair care at home can be the alternative way.

natural hair care, homemade hair care, dry hair care, hair care home remedies

Oily hair is one of hair problems that caused by the excessive production of oil glands in our head. To avoid the greasy-looked hair, you should wash your hair at least twice a week. The first home remedy for hair care that you can use is cornstarch.

Use cornstarch to overcome your oily hair. Put 1 tablespoon of it into shaker jar and sprinkle it on your hair. Wait until ten minutes and clash it from your hair. You may also use aloe Vera. Mix one teaspoon of it with lemon juice and shampoo. Wash your hair using this mixture.

The other hair problem is dry hair. Dry hair commonly makes hair look dull and sometimes it is causing hair loss. Dry hair can be caused by less production of oil glands. Careful hair care should be done to make such kind of hair become healthy.

You can use flour to overcome it by mixing two grams of it with coconut milk and use it to massage your hair until five minutes. When, it has done, you can wash your hair. You may also use the mixture of lavender oil and coconut oil that have been heated. Apply it in your hair in the night and wash your hair in the morning.

Branched hair? Here’s how to cope

Branched hair due to lack of necessary nutrients and moisture of hair. The condition can be experienced by anyone who does not care for hair health. Branched hair is often found at the ends of the hair. Ends of dry hair, split, and break easily. Healthy hair roots absorb nutrients from the body and circulate to every strand of hair, actually every strand of hair such as a hose or capillary hollow and contained fluids (hair pigment).

If nutrients are absorbed by the roots of the hair and not obstructed the way to the ends of your hair, that part will be dry and cracked. The condition is characterized by hair branched or split into multiple parts. This condition will be exacerbated if the hair does not get proper treatment.

Women frequently changing hairstyles high risk have split ends if not balanced with healthy hair care. Appliances hair style such as hair dryers can lead to dry hair if used repeatedly. Hair coloring can lead to hair breakage and split ends. Initially hair looks dull then tip into dry hair and split ends. Most hair dyes contain chemicals which can damage the hair. Straightening and curling iron that is done repeatedly can reduce moisture levels.

Easy steps to overcome split ends

  • Indeed split ends cannot be eliminated, therefore cut the hair that branched. Often people think that if the split ends can be transmitted to other parts of the hair. If in fact it is a sign of unhealthy hair follicles then also affect the entire hair on the scalp. It is advisable to cut hair to restore strength branched roots.
  • Wash hair regularly can reduce branching. Use a shampoo that suits the type of your scalp and hair. Avoid shampoos that contain a lot of perfumes and detergents. Perform 2-3 days.
  • Brittle hair can be caused by moisture lost hair then avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Use a hair moisturizer while traveling.
  • Allow hair to dry by the wind. Reduce the use of a hair dryer or dry hair using a rough towel.
  • Try doing hair treatments such as masks using natural ingredients such as avocado, honey, eggs , and lemon.

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