How Much Ginger To Take For Reduce Motion Sickness

Wednesday, June 4th 2014. | Lifestyle

Ginger has been well-known as potential home remedy for motion sickness, so that it is not surprising that now people are curious about how much ginger to take for reduce motion sickness. As we know oral medicines or medicated transdermal patches could be an effective solution for those only travelling occasionally or only suffering from motion sickness in particular situations.

Unfortunately they may lead to drowsiness and affect judgment. For that reason, some people may favor more natural remedies. In this case, the herb ginger has been long used to alleviate motion sickness. However, as with all kinds of herbs, you should get medical advice prior to using it.There are various opinion about how much ginger needed to alleviate symptoms of motion sickness. Here you can find the most related information about it.

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How Much Ginger To Take For Reduce Motion Sickness

To prevent motion sickness how much ginger to take for reduce motion sickness is one 480-milligram standardized supplement twice a day. You need to take the ginger supplement about half an hour before traveling. As alternative you cantake 2 to 4 grams of dried ginger 1-3 times per day.

Unfortunately, those suffering from gallbladder disease and those consuming anti-coagulant medicine are not allowed to use ginger because ginger cause discomfort to the bladder and the ginger may interact with anticoagulant medicine. Also, Pregnant women should check with their health care practitioner before consuming ginger to prevent their morning sickness.

How Much Ginger To Take For Reduce Motion Sickness could be 250 mg ginger 4 times daily. This can be applied for morning sickness too with nausea and vomit symptoms. 1-2 grams powdered ginger root dose that is taken one hour before induction of anesthesia can be considered for postoperative nausea and vomiting.

How Much Ginger To Take For Reduce Motion Sickness – When Taken with Tea

How Much Ginger To Take For Reduce Motion Sickness also depends on what form of ginger that you take. As many know we can take ginger as an herbal tea or tincture, although some of us find it more practical to take it it in capsules or tablet. Alternatively, we can actually take raw ginger to get the same benefit.

It is suggested that you consume 250 mg of a standardized extract to relieve motion sickness three times daily, or as required. This dose should be used as a guideline because it may be affected by the patient’s age. For instance, a kid may need less than an adult. For the best you should ask your health care professional whether it is the amount for you or your kid.

For some people bringing enough ginger tea is preferred as easy way to alleviate motion sickness that may occur during the car riding. The ingredient of the ginger tea per 3 cups of water can be three-inch section of fresh ginger root, dash peppermint and lemon juice. How Much Ginger To Take For Reduce Motion Sickness when taken as ginger tea is 1-3 cups per day. It is suggested to drink the ginger tea hot so that you can get the maximum benefit of it. Thus, you ca use thermos flask to keep the tea hot during the trip. For prevention of motion illness, you can sip a cup of the ginger tea half hour before you travel.