How to cope with kidney infections

Monday, February 4th 2013. | Health

How to cope with kidney infections – Kidney infections is an infection that occurs in the urethra or bladder and can spread to the kidneys. Kidney infection or pyelonephritis, is one type of urinary tract infections.

This disease requires a thorough treatment. Proper handling will prevent damage to your kidneys or spread to the bloodstream and cause a fatal infection.

The left kidney infection can lead to permanent kidney damage, blood poisoning (septicemia), kidney infections will spread through infected blood into these organs, and complications of pregnancy.

Causes of kidney infections

Kidney infection typically occurs when bacteria enter the urethra and begin to multiply. Bacteria from infections in other body parts can also spread to the bloodstream and into the kidneys.

Such conditions can occur if the artificial body parts have an infection. Artificial body parts, such as artificial heart valves or artificial joints, which are used to replace the damaged parts of the original body. Kidney infections can also appear after kidney surgery. But, this rarely happens.

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Treatment of kidney infections

Specific treatment for kidney infections devoted to the cause of the infection, whereas non-specific treatments intended to inhibit the progression of the disease. Clinical monitoring is required on a regular basis, control of blood pressure (hypertension), and supervision of proteinuria (protein in the urine of expenditure).

Similarly, the regulation of protein intake and controlling blood lipid levels can help prevent the progression of kidney infection. As we know, in the presence of proteinuria is of course the body will lack protein. Therefore, it is necessary that adequate intake of protein to replace protein lost through urine.

In our bodies there is always a balance, if any element of the attack it will be offset by an element of defense. Kidney damage in the kidney infection also caused by an imbalance between the attacker factors (inflammatory mediators / inflammation) and defensive factors (anti-inflammastion/anti mediator of inflammation). Therefore, future therapies will be focused on kidney infections to control the process and inflammatory mediators as attacker factors and increase anti-inflammatory effects as an element of defense.

How to cope with kidney infections

To cope with a kidney infections, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Type of drug, dosage, and how long it should be taken depends on the health and condition of the infecting bacteria. However, for severe infections, the sufferer must be treated in hospital. Treatment involves the use of infusion. Whereas, for recurrent infections or infections that his condition deteriorated, handling more serious. Kidney infections are caused by structural abnormalities should be corrected with surgery.

Patients with kidney infections should drink plenty of water. In addition to preventing dehydration, frequent urination can also help remove bacteria from the urinary tract.

Time to regularly check the urine (urine in the morning) if there are complaints of urinating was not complete, pain, or feel hot when you urinate. Or fever with chills, sore waist, or pain in the waist. Time consult your family doctor to get a solution quickly and accurately. With known kidney infection earlier, the treatment of dialysis due to kidney infections can be prevented [various source].