How to get rid of acne in the armpit naturally

You have acne in the armpit? How to get rid of acne in the armpit naturally? There is also a wonder, whether acne in the armpits is a cancer? It should be wary if there is a lump in the armpit, because there are many possible causes of a lump in the armpit.

Acne in the armpit is a sign of the possibility of bacterial infection in your body. As previously known, one of the factors of acne in the armpit caused by the entry of bacteria through the pores and hair follicles as a result we are too often scratch and too often plucking the armpit.

When the bacteria are allowed to continually enter freely through pores and hair follicles are open, then it will cause inflammation in acne then eventually fester. Moreover, acne on the armpit can also be a sign that there is an infection by bacteria in wounds found on the upper arm, forearm, and hand.

How to get rid of acne in the armpit naturally

Aloe vera and honey are the ingredients to get rid of acne in the armpit at home. It is of the many materials that you can use to get rid of acne in the armpit naturally. If indeed acne, then you can apply these tips:

  1. Aloe vera; Aloe vera will effectively help treat underarm skin with acne. Aloe vera contains natural, such as antioxidants. Aloe vera is antiseptic so it would be very good to help eliminate acne. Use aloe vera in the armpits, let stand for a few minutes then wash. Active substance in the aloe vera can remove the dirt quickly.
  2. Honey; Raw honey can also be a good natural ingredients to treat acne as well underarm skin color. Overcome acne stubborn underarm skin by applying raw honey on acne, wait for 15 minutes and then cleaned. Natural properties owned by raw honey is also good and effective way to whiten underarm skin dull and blackish.

Acne in the armpit are the symptoms of allergy

Acne in the armpit possibility is a sign that your body has an allergy to something foreign things that enter your body. Allergy shown your body such as materials iodine, penicillin, deodorant, and other medicines was also triggers the process of swelling in the lymph nodes, which will then lead to the appearance of acne or boils in the armpits.

If you find that there are bumps like acne on your armpits, then you should not hesitate to apply to remove acne because of allergies or a visit to a hospital for a consultation with a doctor. This is because it is very difficult to find actual what are the things that trigger allergies in your body, so your lymph nodes swollen.

Acne in the armpits because the symptoms fibroadenoma

What causes a boils in the armpit? Acne or boils in the armpits is the possibility that you are exposed fibroadenoma or abnormal fibrous tissue growth. Fibroadenoma lumps resembling acne is caused by an excess of glands or lobules that produce milk, so do not be surprised if it could happen bumps acne or boils in the armpits.

Usually, bumps resembling acne in the armpit due to a fibroadenoma is not painful and can be moved if you press. However, bumps resembling pimples due to the fibroadenoma is classified as a benign tumor that has no potential to cause cancer. No one knows for sure what the cause of fibroadenoma, but health experts mention that this fibroadenoma growth hormone linked to fertility in women.

Acne in the armpit is a sign of lymphoma cancer

Acne or boils in the armpits is possible that you have lymphoma. Apparently, acne in this armpit can also be a sign of a serious disease that attacks your body, the lymphoma cancer or commonly referred to as cancer of the lymph system.

Lymphoma cancer or lymph system is usually characterized by a lump not painless in the armpit area, neck, and groin. Lymphoma cancer cells usually can attack you through a viral infection when your body’s immune immune system is reduced.

If you have acne or boils in your armpit that is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, itching all over the body, weight loss is sudden, swelling of the abdomen, respiratory problems, and always feel tired, then immediately consult your condition to the doctor because you are likely to lymphoma cancer.

In contrast to how to remove acne on the face using a face mask, it would be strange if you use a mask in the armpit. You could just use a mask material but only for areas with acne alone. Good tips on how to get rid of acne on armpit naturally can be useful for you.

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