How to remove chickenpox scars naturally

Remove chickenpox scars

How to remove chickenpox scars naturally. Chickenpox is caused by a virus arising named is pox virus. Symptoms that occur when a person infected with chickenpox are fever, as well as the appearance of pus bubbles that appear in several parts of the body and face evenly.

Actually there are many types of smallpox, but at this time the discussion will be explained about chicken pox, treatment, as well as some tips for removing chickenpox scar appearing.

remove chickenpox scars, Eliminate chickenpox scars

Chickenpox was not so dangerous, but the scars left behind would be so make sufferers uncomfortable. Chickenpox scars can interfere with performance and also reduce confidence. Generally chickenpox scars form dry lumps blackish.

Chickenpox scars in young patients will be more easily lost than patients with age above 20 years, but do not panic below will explain some tips that can help remove chickenpox scars.

How to remove chickenpox scars with natural ingredients

  1. Gotu kola leaves; Eliminate chickenpox scars using gotu kola leaves. Take a taste of gotu kola leaves and wash clean, and then made ?juice and mixed with honey to taste to make it taste better. Gotu kola leaves will help the process of skin renewal from within.
  2. Corn; How to remove chickenpox scars using corn. Corn washed and shredded, then apply on the skin are exposed to chicken pox. This herb can be used when chickenpox is contagious to the body and followed the healing period and the process of removing chickenpox scars.
  3. Mung beans; How to remove chickenpox scars using mung beans. Green beans soaked in water until they swell, then finely crushed and apply on the skin that contains chickenpox scars.

Chickenpox can actually heal itself, but in some cases also be repeated in people with decreased immunity. In addition to the above ingredients, consume lots of water, vitamin C and foods containing vitamin E may also help to remove chickenpox scars.

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