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How to take care of your nails and cuticles

How to Take Care of Your Nails and Cuticles

How to take care of your nails and cuticles? Nails have become very powerful weapon women. Beauty nails become one of the priorities because it would make the finger nails become more beautiful and feminine. Nails will support the whole appearance. But before you do all that, it is very important for everyone to maintain a healthy nail.

Unhealthy nails marked with a rough surface and burst. Some people may also experience discoloration of the nail so it is not worth a look. Below are several kinds of nail care and cuticle naturally and you can do yourself from home.

take care of your nails, care of your nails and cuticles, clean your nails naturally

1. Do Not Cut or Peeling Cuticles

Cuticle or nail biting habit is often done unconsciously. The cuticle is released can cause infection. Infections were not treated immediately can cause further damage to the nail and sometimes unpleasant smells. Even infection of the cuticle can also make nail growth becomes stunted. The cuticle is the layer that serves to protect the nails and keep nail growth. Cutting cuticles will only make the infection or abnormal growth of nails. If you want to take care of the cuticle then push the cuticle and enter using special sticks to the cuticle.

2. Give a Moisturizer to Your Nails and Cuticles

Women used to treat the face by using a moisturizer. To care for cuticles and nails so this is actually part also needs moisturizing. Given natural moisturizer will form a strong and gentle cuticle? This treatment can prevent the cuticle which makes the cuticle peeled off or detached from the network. Meanwhile moisturizer on the nails can make nails become moister and not easily broken.

3. Use Gloves to Protect Your Nails

When we wash the dishes then protect the nail with a special glove. Chemicals such as acetone which contains a lot of detergent can cause brittle nails and the cuticles were separated. Basically nail and cuticle contains natural oils that can survive and continue to be produced naturally. Some of the chemicals that come into contact with the nail will damage the system natural oils in the nails and cuticles.

4. Remove Nail Biter

Nails can be done with easy steps that do not require expensive treatments. You can use natural ingredients easily available at home such as lemon juice, olive oil or baking soda. To maintain the shape of the natural nail and cuticle then remove the nail biting habit.

5. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil into one of the types of oil that is very good for nails. You can use a variety of ways to take care of moisture and growth. To maintain the moisture of olive oil can be mixed with honey. After that use a mixture of olive oil and honey with cotton and stick it on the skin. Sustain the growth of the nails can also be done by soaking the nails in warm water that had been given olive oil.

How to take care of your nails and cuticles? If you frequently change the nail polish do care and avoid all nail cleaners that contain acetone. The use of nail polish too often will damage the natural nail moisture and oil damage to the cuticle. If you find the nail and cuticle layer that is damaged due nail polish then stops all usage types of nail polish. Leave the rest up to the surface of the nail back to nature. After that you can use a variety of ways natural treatments as above. Home remedies that can be used to treat nail is baking soda and lemon.

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