Recognize the benefits of exercise for a healthy body

Benefits of exercise for a healthy body – Benefits of exercise are needed by our body to stay healthy and fresh. Sports do not just move your body, but makes you sweat and feel exhausted. Sport is an activity that is very useful for the body, relaxes muscles and many other benefits that we can get from exercising.

Exercise make mental to become more healthy, clear mind, reduced stress and lead to feelings of happiness. Besides the benefits of exercise for us to make a smooth blood circulation, burn fat and calories, and reduce the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure) and obesity.

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Benefits of exercise for health:

Exercise increase endurance; Doing regular exercise can affect several hormones that exist in the body. Eg adrenaline or serotonin, both these hormones, including hormones that can increase our immune system. So we can imagine, when our immune system increases, of any body will be spared from a variety of ailments such as flu or cough (influenza).

Exercise improve the ability of the brain; Sports activities can increase the supply of oxygen in the body, improving blood circulation in the body especially the flow of blood to the brain. It is believed to improve brain performance is better. Benefits of sport this one certainly helps us in studying or working. Not only that, we will become more creative and able to increase the brain concentration.

Exercise increases energy; Physical activity makes your cardiovascular system running well, improving the amount of oxygen and nutrients are distributed throughout the body tissues. As a result, you will have a greater energy to live your life.

Exercise reduce stress; Exercise proved to be quite capable of reducing the stress that we can experience anytime. Exercise can stretch your muscles, making the body and our brain will feel fresh. This certainly can reduce the stress we experience.

Exercise keeping the weight; For those of you who are want to do the diet, the benefits of exercise can help reduce the fat in the body. Sport is a highly recommended activity to be done regularly for those who want to streamline the body. Body movements during exercise will be able to burn fat in the body.

Exercise makes you sleep better; Get regular exercise makes you sleep more easily and more soundly. Good sleep quality in turn will improve concentration, productivity and quality of your emotions. However, do not exercise too close to your bedtime so that it makes it difficult to sleep.

Exercise increase the body’s energy; If we compare two different people, the first and the second exercise routine never exercise, certainly very noticeable difference. People who often exercise will have a very good stamina, be able to do heavy and not easy to limp. Conversely, people who never exercise, will get tired quickly when working.

Exercise increases body metabolism and reduce the risk of disease; In addition to increase endurance and reduce the risk of disease can be caused by viruses or bacteria, regular exercise also can improve the performance of the body’s metabolism for the better.

With exercise, we will avoid the risk of diseases such as colon cancer, was able to lower cholesterol can cause heart disease, lowers high blood pressure, reduce the risk of liver disease, kidney or constipation.

Exercise delaying the aging process; Belaying the aging process. When parents get older, it would appear the changes in the body such as skin wrinkling. Skin wrinkles caused by skin cells were old and did not renew themselves. Doing sports activities will stimulate the productivity of new cells in the skin so the skin will look firmer and brighter without wrinkles.

That is some of the benefits of exercise for us who can improve and maintain a healthy body. You are encouraged to exercise for 30 minutes a day on a regular basis. No need to buy an expensive tool of the sport, you can simply run in the morning, doing moderate exercise movements or even doing homework that is quite strenuous, it already will help your muscles to avoid stiffness.

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