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The easy way to prevent osteoporosis from an early age

Osteoporosis or bone disease is one disease that afflicts due to reduced bone mass and bone density. As a result of osteoporosis are bones become brittle and break easily due to reduced bone density. Bone itself is one important part of our body. Bone is the framework that supports our body so we can move. Can be imagined when the supporting body is fragile, brittle and easily broken, the result is pain in bones, disruption to move even cause paralysis and permanent disability.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the important minerals in the bones begin to decrease. Osteoporosis is a frightening disease because everyone is at risk of developing this disease in older age. This disease can also cause fractures a person suddenly without any collision or accident. Fractures that occur in people with osteoporosis is also more difficult to heal and often cause a life-long disability.

foods to prevent osteoporosis, prevent osteoporosis naturally, prevent osteoporosis exercise, ways prevent osteoporosis, prevent osteoporosis diet

Tips that can help you prevent osteoporosis from an early age:

– Sports is the easiest and cheapest way to stay healthy, including the prevention of osteoporosis. Sports such as jogging, running, weightlifting, badminton, tennis, or any other sports will help maintain bone density. Besides exercise can also help strengthen muscles and balance postures so that the likelihood of fracture is smaller. To get maximum results, do the exercise in the morning as the warm morning sun. Morning sun is good for helping the synthesis of vitamin D is also needed in the absorption of calcium.

– Balanced nutrition, calcium needs vary with age and physical activity, children, pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as calcium intake in the elderly requires greater numbers. When the mineral intake of dietary calcium is not adequate, the body will naturally take the calcium from the bones! Intake of calcium from the bones will make the reduced bone density and porous so easily broken. Do not just rely on supplements. Prevent with adequate calcium intake, from food as follows:

  • Milk (preferably low fat), can also consume high-calcium milk on the market
  • Marine fish. Marine fish are rich in calcium, to get more calcium intake, may consume milk or sardines with bones presto
  • Soybean. In addition to calcium-containing vegetable soybeans also contain estrogen or phytoestrogen that can help the absorption of calcium
  • cheese
  • Green vegetables. Green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, and lettuce contains not only calcium, but also contain potassium and vitamin K which prevents loss of calcium from bone

– Reduce Caffeine, coffee can indeed help you stay awake and energized, other properties such as coffee preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s. But apparently excessive coffee consumption may also increase the excretion of calcium from bone. Limit consumption of coffee.

Keep your weight, calcium is essential for the body mikroelemen, metabolism, muscle contraction, heart rate and even this requires calcium. When calcium is less, the body will be taken from the bones.

Periodic checks of bone density, one annoying thing about osteoporosis is osteoporosis does not cause symptoms. Often the patient found out he was suffering from osteoporosis after a fracture without an impact or crash hard. The following criteria should perform bone density tests:

  • Menopausal women
  • Men over 80 years
  • Autoimmune disease patients who received corticosteroid therapy routine
  • Patients with peptic ulcers / gastritis who received proton pump inhibitor therapy long-term

– Hormone replacement therapy, estrogen is a hormone important in the metabolism of calcium absorption and helps calcium. Estrogen also regulates excretion. In menopausal women, estrogen production will greatly decrease the practical. As a result, impaired calcium absorption. This hormone replacement therapy in addition to lowering the risk of osteoporosis can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Prevent osteoporosis from now, do not be late. Do exercise and inadequate calcium intake. Bone health is often neglected, because we feel the most pain when the bones are fragile or when the otherwise porous bone. The process of taking calcium from the bones is often called the silent disease because it occurs without signs or symptoms.

Causes of osteoporosis

  • Postmenopausal osteoporosis; estrogen deficiency.
  • Senile osteoporosis; likely the result of calcium deficiency and age-related imbalance between the rate of bone destruction and new bone formation.
  • Secondary osteoporosis; caused by other medical conditions
  • Juvenile idiopathic osteoporosis; is a type of osteoporosis of unknown cause.

Osteoporosis usually does not slow or stop the healing process and bone fractures due to osteoporosis will still heal the same way as they do in people who do not have osteoporosis.

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