The importance of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

The importance of emotional intelligence. In the book “Goleman” Emotional Intelligence says that the people who often act recklessly, without thinking long, does not have empathy and patience are the people who have low levels of emotional intelligence. Low levels of emotional intelligence, not only a catastrophe for himself, but also very dangerous to others and the environment.

Emotional intelligence measured by the ability to control emotions and restraint. The ability to control emotions and restraint is called patience. Most patient person was the most high emotional intelligence. He usually stoic in the face of adversity. When studying these people diligently. It has a high empathy, responsiveness to social environment, disciplined and responsible. He managed to overcome distractions and not indulge in sharing his emotions. He can control his behavior and emotions.

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Acting too quickly, rash, and reckless, it shows lack of emotional training. Not accustomed to be patient. They put forward their emotions in the act. They endanger others and the environment. An important component to be able to live in the midst of society is the ability to drive emotions well.

Emotional intelligence plays a role in the success and the success of one’s life, 20% of success in life is determined by the Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), while 80% is determined by emotional intelligence (EQ??) and other intelligence. In fact now it can be seen that the high IQ may not be successful and may not necessarily live happily.

People who are high IQ but because emotionally unstable and irritable, often mistaken in defining and solving the problems of life because they can not concentrate. Emotions that do not develop and can not be controlled, often making change in the face of problems and behave towards others so giving rise to many conflicts.

Emotions that are less processed also easily lead to others that sometimes are very excited approve something, but in a short time changed to reject it, thus disrupt the agreed cooperation with others. So, the man failed.

On the other hand some people that his IQ is not high, due diligence and emotions are balanced, successful in learning and work. People who have high emotional intelligence will attempt to create a balance of themselves and their surroundings, seek happiness from within itself, can turn something bad to better, and able to work together with others who have a diverse background.

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