Behind every love story and broken heart

Broken Heart

Especially for people who are experiencing a broken heart because breakups or unrequited love. Sad really, but quiet, you’re not alone. The proof, which makes a lot of heartbroken words. Sad words they are proof that all men have also experienced heartbreak. That you do not feel alone, please refer to a collection of words heartbroken. Let you know that in this world, much the same as you are in love and you can also read a collection of poems broken heart, True Love.

I tried to survive. Without a word, without a rhyme in each of my conscience. Tired of waiting, Love you never reciprocated. Funny indeed, I can still smile, laugh to see you there with him. Funny indeed, I still miss you. Although I know your heart is dead to me. Funny indeed, the heart is always rosy though I cry for you every night. Funny indeed, I was just expecting you. Although always wound I got. In my pain, taste is still hope for you.

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My inner voice is always the same tone every day. Singing a song of longing just for you. Have you ever felt what I felt? Have you noticed the amount of flavor that I gave? Lonely alone, forgotten. You just disappeared. And I am silent in thought, lonely and shivering in fear. Realize that how far you are, how quiet my soul.

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Usually women just want to listen in, hug him and stop commenting. She said she was difficult to understand. Indeed, if we express feelings, a man who could be a good listener. Loss will never do anything of the heart. Do it and see what happens.

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Is there feel the same way I feel? Or is it only a sense of hope? There was no intention to forget. I tried to accept if it wishes to go. I want to be your rainbow, which will always be able to make your life more colorful in my own way.

I know, maybe I’m not one of them my best. But I know, I’ve got their own way to make you happy. Comfortable with you, even though you can not ever had. Not for me this morning, too, this morning for our story that has past. Good morning love. From every beat of my heart, which I remember only your name. Although you’re not mine. If better without you, I would prefer the best.

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