How to reduce back pain during pregnancy

How to reduce back pain during pregnancy – Women who are pregnant often feel pain in the back that can be excruciating because interfere with daily activities. The severity of back pain during pregnancy ranges from mild discomfort after standing for long periods of time up to the pain that interferes with daily life. If left unchecked, back pain during pregnancy can also create problems that will continue until long period of time after childbirth.

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy can be caused by increased hormones, the influence of gravity because a growing belly, weight gain, body posture or position is wrong, and stress. Back pain during pregnancy, because you’re supporting the extra weight, so that your posture becomes disproportionate and leaned forward.

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Then, in preparation for childbirth, your body naturally produces extra hormones, which serves to relax the joints and ligaments (the tissue that connect bones to each other). This will facilitate the infant to break through the hip you at birth. Unfortunately, loose joints can cause back pain. Back pain during pregnancy may also be because you you have had previous back injury and returned to react when you got pregnant.

Prevent back pain during pregnancy

Back pain often experienced by women who are pregnant. Fetal load carried every day for about 9 months and hormonal changes can cause muscle tension and pain in the back. Preventing back pain is the best.

How, to strengthen the core muscles well before pregnancy. Not too late to begin in early pregnancy. Light exercise such as step-aerobics, aqua-aerobics, brisk walking and back exercises are excellent for keeping your core muscles strong and ready to accept an increased fetal weight.

When pregnant, women lose more calcium during fetal development. However, this loss will not lead to osteoporosis. Required balance of the fetus increases. As a result, a temporary decrease in the amount of calcium for the mother will be experienced. However this is not the only reason for the cause of back pain during pregnancy. Calcium is essential for muscle. In general, most women do not experience low calcium in the blood and muscles weaken. Hence, calcium supplements are not intended to prevent back pain. But more is needed for fetal growth.

When back pain during pregnancy, you should consult with your physician to find out the cause. If a muscle sprain or ligamental injury, usually a short exercise to prevent the inflammation reduces pain.

However, the specific muscle injury, this can take place continuously. If back pain during pregnancy occurs steadily for more than a month, you should see a specialist in the field of back pain. If not addressed, this can lead to chronic back pain, which would complicate the treatment and healing process. In this condition, may require anesthesia or injections with steroids to relieve this problem.

Physiotherapy can help relieve non-specific back pain, the cause is not of the spine (such as the Musculoskeletal). During physiotherapy, manipulation of muscles to switch off the muscles can be effective for pain relief. Low-intensity laser treatment is also useful for elderly patients who are pregnant (uterus too heavy).

Chiropractor who performed the same technique with muscle manipulation. They massage, so that the joints and muscle tension can be reduced. The exercise itself is a form of treatment is better than external manipulation.

Overcoming back pain during pregnancy

And there are several ways you can relieve back pain during pregnancy, namely:

  • Practice good posture : When the fetus is getting bigger, your center of gravity shifts forward. This will pull the muscles in your lower back can cause back pain. So try puffed ass backwards, pull the shoulders, standing straight and tall.
  • Massage : Massage the lower back of the body can often help relieve tired and aching muscles. Try leaning forward over the back of a chair or lying on his side. Your partner can gently massage the muscles of the spine or concentrate on the lower back.
  • Warm bath : Warm bath, put the bundle package of hot water or hot showers that are directed at the back can help overcome back pain.
  • Sleep sideways : When the stomach is getting bigger, try sleeping on sideways with one or both knees bent.
  • Using a pillow under the stomach while sleeping : Sleeping on your side with a pillow placed under the abdomen has been shown to reduce back pain.
  • Sitting and standing with caution : Sitting with legs slightly elevated. Choose a chair that supports your back or place a small pillow behind your lower back. Frequently change the position and avoiding standing for long periods of time. If you must stand, rest one foot on the lower bench.

Back pain during pregnancy will be felt after standing for long periods of time up to the pain that interferes with daily life.

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