How to remove body odor from clothes without washing

How to remove underarm odor from clothes without washing? Body odor on clothes is a deodorant stains mixed with sweat. Then how to get rid of body odor on clothes without washing? Although washed, body odor on clothes is not necessarily lost. Deodorant stains on clothes can not be removed easily.

To remove deodorant stains on clothing require a variety of ways or tricks. One trick we’ve discussed before is to remove body odor on clothes armpit area by washing using natural ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, detergent and others.

Remove body odor from clothes, get rid of body odor without washing
remove body odor from clothes without washing

How yesterday is by washing. Then how to remove body odor on clothes without washing? This way it does not mean clean the body odor on clothes by washing using detergent, but clean up using natural materials and then wash as usual.

How to get rid of body odor on clothes without washing

This method of get rid of body odor on clothes without washing using vinegar. If only by washing as usual using a detergent does not guarantee will remove body odor on clothing. Requires a different way to remove stains on the armpit clothing.

  1. Dip a toothbrush or a brush in vinegar. Apply vinegar to deodorant stains using a toothbrush or brush. Vinegar will soften the clothes as well as act as a stain remover agent.
  2. If the clothes are dark, sprinkle baking soda on stains before applying vinegar using a toothbrush. When baking soda and vinegar have mixed, bubbles may appear. Not to worry, this indicates the occurrence of chemical reactions that will remove stains. When the reaction has stopped, clean the crust formed over the stained area.
  3. Rub the detergent onto the stain to further help the stain removal process.
  4. Wash clothes in warm or hot water, in accordance with the highest temperature that is still safe for the clothing material.

How to get rid of body odor on armpit area without washing up using vinegar. It will be more effective to immediately clean clothes immediately after the stain. Delaying the cleaning process will make the deodorant stains more absorbed by the fabric fibers making it more difficult to clean.

Be sure to check the effects of vinegar on clothing. Try applying vinegar to the clothes section. If safe, the process can be forwarded. For a soft cloth such as silk, avoid rubbing too hard cloth. To ensure proper handling, be sure to read the care labels on the clothes.

How to remove body odor from clothes armpit area

  • How to remove body odor on clothes armpit area using a damp cloth. Rub a damp cloth with a downward motion repeatedly fiber cloth until the stain is gone. Abrasion thin clothing will simultaneously eliminate the stain deodorant.
  • Removes body odor on clothes armpit area using a nylon stocking. The trick, rubbing clothes using nylon stockings until deodorant stains disappear.

Armpit stains caused due to the reaction of anti-perspirant ingredients and salt contained in sweat. Most anti-perspirant products containing aluminum (useful for reducing wet in the armpit area). This cause stains on your clothes. The stain may not appear overnight, but if not handled properly, it will accumulate.

Excessive sweating and the sweat that causes body odor but you should know how to get rid of body odor and excessive sweating. If you have health problems that cause you to experience excessive sweating of course you have to cope with excessive body odor that will cause various diseases.

But if indeed you generate excessive sweating and body odor, you can fix this by changing lifestyle to be healthy. Expand consume fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce the consumption of spices, foods that can eliminate body odor on a regular basis by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how to remove body odor from clothes armpit area without washing. To avoid this, you can try out ways to prevent body odor without using deodorant. Stains on clothes is quite difficult to remove by washing usual. The new stain can be lost when washed in a special way such as dry-cleaning methods.

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