Keep your kidney health by drinking water

Kidney is one organ that has an important function in maintaining the body’s metabolic system. Kidney also has the function as an organ filters toxins and residual substances that are not needed by the body. Therefore you need to maintain healthy kidneys. One way is to drink plenty of water.

Consumption of 2 to 3 liters of water a day, it can reduce the risk of kidney disease. Water and kidney are two interrelated things. With adequate water intake, will be able to inhibit urinary tract infections and stones in the urinary tract. With lots of drinking water, urine volume will increase, so the bacteria in the body will come out when urinating.

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Proper water intake is not syrup, tea or even coffee. Lack of fluids called dehydration or the body will have an impact on cognitive function weakening, the weakening of memory and concentration in the brain. The water’s being the most healthy way of hydration. 60 percent of adult body consists of water. Therefore, water as essential nutrients that must continue to be met.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can lead to other diseases, chronic kidney disease. However, this does not mean it can not be prevented. By providing adequate water intake, the fluid in your body needs will be met. In addition, you need to maintain your lifestyle to stay healthy, so as to prevent kidney damage. Because once damaged, the kidneys can not function properly as before.

In addition to water intake, to maintain the health of your kidneys can do with regular exercise, keeping blood sugar levels stable, keep the blood pressure remained within normal limits, the consumption of healthy foods and beverages, maintain weight, and check if it has the wrong kidney function one or even more of the risk of kidney disease.

Water and kidney has a very close relationship. The presence of sufficient water intake will inhibit infection and stones in the urinary tract. No wonder a lot of people who think rarely drink is the cause of kidney disease.

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