Preparation in the face of childbirth process

Preparation in the face of childbirth process. Childbirth is the most eagerly awaited by pregnant women, a fun time but on the other hand is the most thrilling. Childbirth will be fun for the little one for nine months in the belly to be born into the world. On the other hand, Childbirth is also a thrilling, especially for new mothers, which imagined the painful birth process, so much energy issue, and a struggle that is quite exhausting.

Pregnant women should know the process or what stage of Childbirth, so that the pregnant women can prepare everything well in order to deal with this Childbirth. For women who have entered pregnancy trimester age 3 must have got to do the preparatory childbirth. Usually in the days before birth many parents (especially if a first pregnancy) who feel panic.

Preparation in childbirth, childbirth method, Natural childbirth

Preparation for childbirth

Selection of childbirth method; In this case the importance of communication between physicians and spouses. Adjust to the needs and abilities. Consider also the risks and side effects that occur afterwards. Natural childbirth, waterbirth cesarean section and all have advantages and disadvantages of each.

Consider the place of birth; Since entering the third trimester, pregnant women have had to determine the planning of maternity place. Should select the maternity place not too far from their homes in anticipation of hours of give birth for the unexpected.

Auxiliary medical personnel childbirth; Obstetricians and midwives in which if will handle the delivery process should be determined from far-away days. It is better to create continuity between medical personnel who monitor the mother’s pregnancy from the beginning, so it can also learn about the true mother and fetus development.

Preparation for childbirth to do the couple at home

Many discussions with the couples; Small things like preparing for baby supplies, prepare the nursery, and the baby’s name is in need of communication between couples. Established smooth communication is expected to minimize the impact of babies who frequently hit blues.

Prepare childbirth bags; Prepare a few strands of a change of clothes or warm clothes for mother and baby. Go back and check about what items will be needed at delivery.

Put these items in a special bag in a visible place, so that if at any time Childbirth contractions started, the bags are easily mobilized. In addition to the visible physical preparation, mental preparation is no less important to do. Read a lot of experiences that are shared by other women in childbirth will give a lot of valuable input. Expectant mothers who have prepared will usually experience minimal complications in childbirth.

Buying baby gear is the most important

There are several ways to save on baby gear needs. Buy baby items at once needs in large quantities to get a discount one. Some items such as diapers, we can take into account in accordance with our needs. Do we buy diapers that can be washed back (washable cloth diapers) or should we buy the only disposable (disposable diapers). Depending on how our considerations, we can take into account which are more efficient.

In addition it is a definite first priority basic needs necessary baby gear. Not just purchased and stored, but prepare in advance to be ready for use. Which needs to be washed, wash it first and save the good to be ready for immediate use on time.

Many helpful books that can help you to stay relaxed by reading a book and relax at the same time also makes you grow knowledge to deal with labor and know nothing else you will face and what you will need. In preparing everything necessary in carrying out the childbirth process, then there are some things that need to be considered by pregnant women in the third trimester or last trimester of this. Namely physical preparation, mental preparation and preparation for the birth of a baby.

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