Signs symptoms of headache that require immediate treatment

Signs symptoms of headache that require immediate treatment – Headache was the most frequent health problems occur. Some people get headaches, while others almost never felt a headache. Chronic headaches and recurrent headaches can be very painful and annoying, but rarely reflect a serious health condition. A change in the pattern or source of headaches could be a sign of a serious and requires immediate medical action.

The majority of headaches are tension, migraine or headache with no obvious cause. Many headaches associated with abnormalities in the eyes, nose, throat, teeth and ears. High blood pressure can cause a pulsating feeling in the head, but high blood pressure rarely causes chronic headaches.

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Usually, doctors can determine the cause of the headache patient’s medical history and physical examination. Sometimes blood tests done to determine the cause. Lumbar puncture (taking a small amount of fluid from the spinal column to be examined under the microscope) is performed if the suspected cause is an infection (eg meningitis).

Only a small proportion of headaches caused by brain tumor, brain injury or lack of oxygen to the brain. If suspected a tumor, stroke or other brain abnormalities, then do a CT scan or MRI.

Some people think the headache is not one thing or serious harm, even most people assume that headache as one of the common ailments. But without the headaches or realize that when a person experiences a headache could have been mistaken for another, such as one sign that a headache is a sign of serious illness.

Headaches are usually not life-threatening. However, very severe headache may be a sign of something much more serious and requires emergency treatment. There are at least three types of headache requiring emergency treatment.

Symptoms of diseases such as stroke, aneurysm (bleeding from veins) and meningitis is usually a headache. So it’s worth watching a headache that feels very different from the usual headaches.

Signs of a headache that requires medical treatment immediately

Headache accompanied by neck pain and fever; Headache accompanied by pain or stiffness in the neck and fever may be a sign of meningitis. Meningitis or inflammation of the lining of the central nervous system can be quickly changed to critical. Typical symptoms are fever, headache and muscle stiffness in the neck that lasts for hours or be felt up to 2 days.

Headache accompanied by nausea; Severe nausea or vomiting accompanied by neurological disorders such as difficulty speaking or walking can be a sign of hemorrhagic stroke, the stroke is accompanied by bleeding in the brain.

Damage caused by stroke can occur very quickly, either because of bleeding or due to the increased pressure of fluid on the brain. Bleeding in the brain tissue can cause death.

Headache the most severe like never before; Regular headaches painful enough. But if you have a headache that feels the worst of which have never experienced before, it could be a sign of aneurysm.

Aneurysm is leaking or rupture of veins in the brain. Seepage of blood that soaks the brain causes the patient only complained of dizziness. But over time, blood can seep into the blood flood in the brain. This is what causes the sufferer to die suddenly.

Headache is a common disease. Although relatively mild disease, the disease will make you distraught face. If of a sudden headache, you should find out what causes it or see a doctor.

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