Special diet is not easy to be hungry

Special diet is not easy to be hungry – dmatxi.com. Diet is important for you in weight loss program. To lose weight as much as 10 pounds of body fat in a year, you must reduce your intake of 100 calories per day. Reducing the intake of too many calories than recommended will only lower the energy levels and triggers hunger. It will also make you vulnerable to temptation to eat high-calorie foods.

Special diet is not easy to be hungry

Hunger is not always a signal of energy our bodies need. Hungry often arise as a signal that we need comfort, which for some people can be met from food. For people who are trying to lose weight, hunger becomes its own enemy because if the stomach was immediately filled with the urge to overeat even greater. To work around this, nutritionists recommend to apply a high-protein diet.

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As well as fiber, protein also has a satiating effect because it has high Thermal effect of the process of converting food to energy consumption that we eating. In the gastrointestinal tract, protein hormones will stimulate the increase anoreksigenik hormone and decrease roksigenik hormone. Hormones aneroksigenik make poor appetite.

According to the nutritional adequacy rate, we should consume 15-20 percent of the total protein calories. For those who want to go on a diet could apply higher amounts of calories which is about 40 percent. High-protein diets can be applied with high-protein milk, egg whites, or fish. For simplicity, we eat more side dishes than carbohydrates. This high-protein diet would be more effective if combined with fiber. Do not forget to include vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Limit carbohydrates. Foods high in protein, such as fish, is the best dinner option to control body weight. This is because protein makes you full longer. If you want to eat carbs, avoid simple, because it is more likely to be stored as fat rather than used as energy. Not recommended for high-protein diet continuously because it can cause us to lack of nutrition.

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