Training to balance left and right brain

Training to balance left and right brain – To reduce risk of dementia, it is often to train your brain with fun activities. Train the brain can make better memory and even faster. Neurosurgeon revealed, the brain divided into three parts, the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. In the brain, there are two parts, the left and right brain.

The right brain is the place for the development of the things that are artistic, creativity, feelings, emotions, style, music, imagination, fantasy, color, socialization, personality development. While the left brain is associated with academic functions consisting of kemampunan speaking, the ability to process grammar, reading and writing, memory (name, time and events), logic, numbers, analysis, and others.

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Training for the right brain

  • Listening to music; Any music is a powerful stimulant to keep you quiet or provide encouragement.
  • Drawing or creating colorful graffiti; Although simple, the above activity stimulates the right brain functions, which recognize shapes and colors. For example, you could highlighter important parts in the book.
  • Reading fiction books; In between breaks, take advantage by reading fiction. You are invited like ‘adventure’ into another world. The brain was like as fantasy and imagination without limits.

Training for the left brain

  • Do not depend on a calculator; Do not use directly on the calculator when exposed to a simple math problem. As a matter of pay if you had been eating with friends. If the matter is simple enough to use a calculator, then the brain will get used to relax and become static.
  • Learn the things that usually do not fit your attention; When political or economic column in the newspaper you usually skip, now try to read about it. Variations of a wide range of topics in memory, which causes you to think logically and be able to analyze quickly.
  • Peek into a dictionary when they hear a new word; If you hear a word or foreign terms, do not be lazy to find out through a dictionary or the internet. Therefore, vocabulary is one way to increase the power of thought.
  • Filling crosswords; In addition to making general knowledge to be rich, do crossword puzzles better to let the brain idle employ.
  • Play puzzles or chess; Puzzles can train your brain to think creatively. While chess, sharpen the brain through the game come first strategy and analysis.

Experts say left brain as a controller of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), while the right brain plays an important role for the development of EQ (Emotional Ouotient). However, it does not mean that the right brain is more important than the left brain, or vice versa. Both are very important, so they should be developed in a balanced way so that the function of each parts balanced and mutually reinforcing.

If you only focus on one part, then the less developed parts will be hampered in carrying out their functions. Child become not creativity when he is stimulated to use the left brain hemisphere. Conversely, if the function of the right hemisphere of the brain is often used, the child will actually slow the logical, linear and regular which is also used in everyday life.

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